The UW-Madison PA Program has already enacted numerous changes for its 2020-21 application cycle related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please use this page to stay up-to-date on how the pandemic affects your application.

In light of current circumstances, applicants to the class entering in 2021 need to know the following:

  • We WILL accept grades of Pass (P), Satisfactory (S) or the equivalent for required coursework.
  • We WILL consider applications that do not meet the minimum requirement for patient care hours.
  • We WILL give you the opportunity to discuss how COVID-19 affected your planned experiences for this year.
  • We WILL continue our thorough and holistic review of applications.
  • We WILL get through this together!

We have all had to do a quick and unexpected pivot in response to COVID-19. We are all affected by the pandemic and you can be assured your experiences will be evaluated in light of this new reality.

Any new changes to the 2020-21 UW-Madison PA Program application cycle will be posted here and we will send updates as needed via email to all applicants who have a CASPA in-progress for our program.