Mini CEX

These evaluations are meant to help foster and facilitate feedback. Each rotation specialty (surgery, internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine) has its own group of CEX’s. The completion of each CEX is part of the student’s final grade for each rotation.

Midpoint and final evaluations

The midpoint evaluation (pdf) is to be completed only at the midpoint of an eight-week rotation. The final evaluation (pdf) is completed at the end of each rotation. The final evaluation is used to calculate the final grade for the rotation.

Clinical year student and preceptor handbook

The student and preceptor handbook (pdf) is available to preceptors as a guide and resource when they precept University of Wisconsin-Madison physician assistant students. It is recommended that preceptors review the handbook prior to working with a student.

Teaching resources

Integrating the student into a busy practice

Evaluation and teaching strategies

Providing effective feedback

Managing difficult learning situations

Developing expectations