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Video: Byron Crouse on Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment

In the video below, Dr. Byron Crouse, associate dean for rural and community health, outlines how the School of Medicine and Public Health ensures that faculty who provide health services to students, including psychological and psychiatric counseling, are not involved in the evaluation or promotion of any student they treat. He describes how this policy is communicated to both faculty and students.

Key Points

Many School of Medicine and Public Health students seek personal health care from University Health Services and other clinics in the area where they are completing clinical rotations. As a result, it is crucial to communicate that health care practitioners are not to be involved in the assessment or promotion of any student they treat.

This policy includes practitioners in every specialty, including psychological and psychiatric counseling, and to every SMPH faculty member and instructor. SMPH faculty members who provide health care for students are prohibited from evaluating or promoting the students they treat.

Additionally, student medical records must be treated in compliance with the same legal requirements as any other patient medical record.

SMPH works with all local and statewide partners to effectively disseminate this policy. It is widely communicated at clerkship meetings, Medical Education Day and faculty orientations. Students are also informed of this policy throughout their time at SMPH.

Download a printable pdf of the key points

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