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University of Wisconsin–Madison

ISA Survey Includes 'Shout Outs' to Faculty and Administrators

In January and February, SMPH medical students conducted an Independent Student Analysis (ISA), required by LCME as part of the school’s Self Study for reaccreditation. The ISA used a survey questionnaire format and achieved an impressive return rate of 94.3 percent! Because of that high level of participation, the survey has provided a wealth of reliable data, confirming we’re on the right track with many of our quality improvement initiatives, and also providing guidance for future improvement efforts.

In a portion of the survey that allowed unstructured comments, many students took advantage of the chance to give a “shout out” to individual faculty or administrators who have been influential during their med school careers. Their comments reflect how much they value good teaching, accessibility and help navigating the complex journey through medical education. The examples below - including faculty from statewide campuses and clerkships - were selected by ISA student leaders.

Dean Elizabeth Petty (senior associate dean for academic affairs) is such a phenomenal resource. She really makes UW a better place, and I don't think she gets enough recognition.
Dean Gwen McIntosh (assistant dean for students) is great. She's accessible, empathetic, and understanding. She goes the extra mile to try to address student concerns, validates them, and if something can’t be changed, offers a transparent and complete explanation.
Heidi Hakseth (staff member in multicultural affairs) is such a great resource for minority students.
Dr. Beth Altschafl (neuroscience) clearly cared a lot about students' well-being and success in the course. She did a fantastic job.
Dr. Erik Ranheim (pathology) is a great instructor.
Dr. Laura Maursetter (nephrology) was a phenomenal instructor. I really appreciated the care, effort, and passion she put into teaching us.
Dr. Sana Waheed (nephrology) did a phenomenal job leading the Renal System of Body in Balance, it was incredibly well organized and made learning about the kidneys very easy. I definitely saw a huge improvement with that section after the first two, which showed how the faculty listened to what the students need, which is important especially for this new curriculum!
Thanks to Drs. Erik Ranheim (pathology) and Eliot Williams (hematology) for a great and informative hematology course.
Drs. Sana Waheed (nephrology), Laura Maursetter (nephrology), Pat Remington (associate dean for public health), Christina Hull (biomolecular chemistry), Beth Altschafl (neuroscience), Josh Smith (pulmonary and critical care), Erik Ranheim (pathology), Eliot Williams (hematology) – all highlighted for their availability and commitment to ensuring students feel comfortable with the material they are taught.
Dr. James Conway (pediatrics) is fantastic. This year was election year. While it may be important to be politically neutral, there are also some real conversations needing to be had. UW Madison sits on the cusp of rural and urban communities. UWSMPH could and should have an active role in facilitating important conversation about diversity and enacting meaningful policies that result in change.
Dr. Sam Lubner (medical oncology) does a fantastic job of mentoring students!
Dr. Sam Lubner is an excellent House mentor who is engaged and committed to helping us navigate these territories.
Dr. Robert Corliss (pathology) did a phenomenal job with pathology for my M2 course.
Dr. Mark Benson (GI) was very welcoming of student questions during lecture, and he seemed to remember well what it was like to be a 1st year medical student. He had a way of lightening the mood of the class with his sense of humor, while also still providing us pertinent information on identifying and managing small intestine pathology.
Dr. Carla Pugh (surgery) should be held up as an example of an outstanding attending/instructor for the rest of the surgery department regarding the surgical clerkship; easily the best.
Dr. Sarah Ahrens (internal medicine) is amazing! Did a wonderful job with teaching.
Thanks to Drs. James Worledge (psychiatry, Meriter UnityPoint) and Kimberly Nestler (psychiatry, Madison) for a phenomenal experience in psychiatry.
Dr. Tom Shiffler (internal medicine) is OUTSTANDING at student teaching and advancing student education.
Thanks to Dr. Tom Shiffler for being welcoming and providing useful and pertinent feedback.
Dr. Tom Shiffler (Internal medicine) and Dr. Lamya Boujelbane (internal medicine, Aurora St. Luke's) were the best teachers I have had so far! They taught so much more than diagnoses and management. They exemplified empathy and compassion!
Dr. Lamya Boujelbane was an excellent teacher!
Dr. Dennis Maki (infectious diseases) is an exemplary physician who demonstrated what a complete doctor should be as far as patient care and knowledge base is concerned.
Dr. Sara Johnson (palliative care) is very skilled at her job as a palliative care physician and who listens to feedback AND implements it.
Drs. Kyla Lee and John Conzemius (internal medicine, Gunderson La Crosse) provided very pleasant learning atmospheres. Expectations are in line with student level.
Dr. Kyla Lee is an amazing teacher, second to none!
Dr. Lori Remeika (internal medicine, Marshfield) is a phenomenal support person and great mentor.

Thank you, students, for your feedback, and congratulations to these and many other talented faculty and administrators!