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Video: Kendra Hogan on Affiliation Agreements

In the video below, Kendra Hogan of the office of education and academic affairs explains how affiliation agreements help ensure that medical students have safe, productive experiences while learning in clinical settings.

Key Points

A vital part of medical training is the opportunity for students to learn in clinical settings. Written affiliation agreements between SMPH and its clinical affiliates define the responsibilities of each party to ensure these clinical learning experiences are safe, productive and of high educational quality.

The LCME has outlined a set of key provisions for every affiliation agreement. These include:

  • Student and faculty access to resources at the clinical site
  • Primacy of the medical education program’s authority over the education and assessment of students
  • Procedures for treatment and follow-up if a student is exposed to infectious, environmental, or other hazards
  • Role of the medical school in the appointment and assignment of teaching faculty
  • Shared responsibility for creating and maintaining an appropriate learning environment

SMPH has updated its affiliation agreement template to ensure that all critical terms are included. We are standardizing the practice of using an LCME-endorsed and nationally recognized uniform agreement.

During regional campus site visits, we are informing faculty, leadership, students and staff about the importance of affiliation agreements and the key information that they contain.

Affiliation agreements are more than a legal formality. They contain critical information concerning student assessment, access to educational resources, background screening requirements, and emergency procedures. By working to familiarize faculty, staff, and students with the existence and importance of affiliation agreements, we can support and improve high quality clinical experiences.

Download a printable pdf of the key points

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