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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Video: Kurt Hansen on Final Authority of the Admissions Committee

In the video below, Dr. Kurt Hansen, former assistant dean for admissions, discusses the Admissions Committee’s policies and practices as it exercises final authority regarding the admission of MD students.

Key Points

The Admissions Committee is the final authority for all acceptances to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The Admissions Committee has ultimate authority regarding admission offers, including acceptance of students from the wait list. The Admissions Committee does not permit political or financial considerations to influence the selection of applicants.

The Admissions Committee is comprised primarily of faculty members and is governed by the medical school bylaws and other admissions-specific policies.

Admissions policies are reviewed and updated annually by the Admissions Committee. Quality improvement projects, such as review or prerequisite requirements, are also initiated on a regular basis.

Download a printable pdf of the key points

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