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University of Wisconsin–Madison

LCME Monthly Snapshot: Self Study Preparations Continue

This summer, SMPH leaders are finalizing drafts of LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) materials and preparing the school’s Self Study report for the LCME reaccreditation process. The Self Study report draws from the extensive work of five faculty-led task forces and others to gather data and analyze SMPH performance on a host of standards LCME has identified for medical schools.

In particular, the final report will synthesize information from:

  • The Independent Student Analysis (ISA), an LCME-required survey conducted independently and reported on by medical students earlier this year
  • The Graduate Questionnaire (GQ), completed each year by students graduating from the SMPH MD programs
  • The Data Collection Instrument (DCI), a tool provided by the LCME that has been populated with SMPH performance data and assessments of findings
  • Subcommittee reports from the faculty-led task forces summarizing the above data for each of the LCME standards

Based on all these sources, the Self Study report will formulate a “statement of institutional strengths and issues that require attention to ensure ongoing or future satisfactory performance in the accreditation standards/elements and to improve programmatic quality.” All of the above data and reports will be shared with mock surveyors in advance of the LCME mock survey taking place in mid-October, and then ultimately with the designated LCME site review team in preparation for our site visit in April 2018.