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University of Wisconsin–Madison

News and Announcements

12/18/2017: New Year's Message from the Dean

09/21/2017: SMPH Prepares for Mock Site Visit, October 15-18

09/21/2017: The Ladder: Step Up for Diversity and Inclusion at SMPH

08/28/2017: New Diversity and Inclusion Advocate Program Seeks Applicants

08/28/2017: ISA Survey Includes 'Shout Outs' to Faculty and Administrators

08/01/2017: LCME Self-Study Preparations Continue

08/01/2017: Continuous Quality Improvement: An Ongoing Focus

08/01/2017: We Hear You: Student Feedback Informs Facilities Improvements

06/01/2017: Video: Meet the Marshfield Academic Campus

05/01/2017: Video: Meet the Western Academic Campus

04/25/2017: Video: Dr. Christie Seibert on Curricular Management

04/11/2017: Video: Dr. Shobhina Chheda on Assessment

04/01/2017: Video: Meet the Green Bay Clinical Campus

03/28/2017: Video: Dr. Byron Crouse on Preparation of Residents and Non-Faculty Instructors

03/14/2017: Video: Dr. Gwen McIntosh on Self-Directed and Lifelong Learning

03/01/2017: Video: Meet the Milwaukee Academic Campus

02/28/2017: Video: Dr. Byron Crouse on Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment

02/14/2017: Video: Dr. Kurt Hansen on Final Authority of the Admissions Committee

01/31/2017: Video: Kendra Hogan on Affiliation Agreements

01/17/2017: Video: Dr. Gwen McIntosh on Interprofessional Collaboration

12/16/2016: Video: Dr. Elizabeth Petty on LCME Accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement

08/17/2016: LCME Accreditation: Preparation Kicks Off September 16 with Town Hall Event