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Video: Dr. Shobhina Chheda on Assessment

In the video below, Dr. Shobhina Chheda, assistant dean for medical education, discusses narrative assessment and fair and timely summative assessment.

Key Points

Element 9.5 discusses the necessity of narrative feedback in clerkships and whenever other course formats allow it, while Element 9.8 emphasizes the importance of students receiving their final grades in six weeks or less after the course or clerkship has ended.

The Medical Education Office at SMPH clearly sets expectations about final grade submission deadlines and the importance of quality narrative feedback. The Medical Education Office tracks grade submission timelines for each course and clerkship and shares this regularly. This quality improvement process has been highly successful.

Like the Legacy Curriculum, the ForWard Curriculum requires instructors to provide valuable narrative feedback to students throughout the course of their education, including their clinical rotations.

Download a printable pdf of the key points

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