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University of Wisconsin–Madison

We Hear You: Student Feedback Informs Facilities Improvements

The 2017-2018 HSLC Enhancements Project begun in April of this year is building on ongoing HSLC improvement projects that began two years ago. The current phase got off to a fast start and is on pace to be completed in time for our LCME site visit in April 2018. Planning for the facilities improvements relied heavily on student feedback over the past several years about ways to enhance the student experience.

Among some “quick wins” completed over the past two years are:

  • A health professionals student lounge on the first floor
  • New furniture, AV equipment, and whiteboards for second-floor collaborative learning classrooms (Rooms 2272, 2276, 2280, 2284 and 2288)
  • A second-floor wellness lounge for medical students
  • 13 breakout rooms for more collaborative learning

Additional Phase 1 improvements got under way this summer. A big thank you to several third-floor departments and a few individuals temporarily relocated to enable creation of a staging area for the contractor. Current Phase 1 priorities are active-learning center and simulation spaces, as well as the second-floor silent-study area, which will be completed by the end of the summer.

The south portion of the third floor will remain a construction area through February 2018, when it will be reopened featuring the new Clinical Teaching and Assessment (CTA) Suite, enlarged restrooms, a lounge area, lactation room, and new Active Learning Center. The new CTA suite will be operational before the existing simulation space is shut down and renovated to become a Multicultural Affairs/NACHP suite as well as offices for other departments.

Also during Phase 1, all AV will be upgraded, and student houses on the second floor will be renovated.

Phase 2, which will take place from May to August 2018, and will include improvements to remaining office spaces as well as staff conference areas.

For more information and construction updates, visit the HSLC Enhancements website.