The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin maintains a state-of-the-art biorepository of population-based biosamples for health-related research. Our specimen are available to qualified researchers both at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at other research institutions.

Our biorepository inventory contains only samples for participants who consented to having samples stored for future unspecified research. Although not required, it is advisable to contact us to discuss research ideas and learn more about the SHOW biorespository data and availability prior to making any biosample requests.

Plasma viles
Plasma is stored in 0.5 ml aliquots at -80°C.

Available biosamples

  • Serum: stored in 0.5 ml aliquots at -80°C
  • Plasma: stored in 0.5 ml aliquots at -80°C
  • Urine: stored in 1.5 ml aliquots at -80°C
  • DNA: extracted from whole blood, stored in TE buffer at -80°C    

Making a request for biosamples

  1. Check availability of biospecimens in the SHOW biosample inventory and determine if you need one or more aliquots per sample. You can request specimen availability based on other specific criteria using the form below.
  2. Submit a SHOW biosample request form (pdf) to
  3. A SHOW advisory committee will review your request and based on scientific merit will make recommendation for approval. This process may take up to two weeks.
  4. We will notify you if your request receives approval and will arrange sample distribution.
  5. For most studies, we will require IRB approval prior to the use of SHOW biosamples. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Biosample prices

 UW rateNon-UW rate
0.5 ml serum  $7 $10
0.5 ml plasma $8 $11
1.5 ml urine $5 $8
DNA (whole blood) 50 microliter aliquots; 30-500 ng/microliter  $5 $10
Whole blood RNA Please inquire  
Handling fee

100 or fewer samples

101-500 samples

501-1000 samples

For every additional 500 samples (or fraction of 500) 





Shipping fee If samples are shipped outside of UW-Madison, additional shipping and dry ice fees will apply

Note: The biosample rates include up to 50 variables from the SHOW database for each biospecimen. Additional variables are subjected to extra fees.