Purpose/goal of the project

The purpose of this project is to extend the reach of a community-based continence promotion program. This is being accomplished by:

  • collecting additional survey information from adult SHOW participants on the prevalence of incontinence, on care seeking for incontinence, and interest in attending workshop education/treatment options
  • inviting SHOW participants, identified as eligible from survey information, to participate in a phone interview about continence promotion programs. 

Description of the study/SHOW involvement in the project

A module was added to the SHOW Core Survey’s Audio-Computer Assisted Self-Interview. Women who identified as having incontinence but not having sought care were invited to a follow-up qualitative interview.

Why the study is being done

More than half of older women have bladder or bowel incontinence, resulting in a significant negative
impact on women’s quality of life, loss of independence and related costs. It is important to identify the delivery methods that optimize the reach of continence promotion programs to women who do not currently attend evidence-based programs.