Purpose/goal of the project

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our opportunities for exercise and daily activity can be affected by where we live, yet rural areas have been understudied in physical activity research. This study is designed to learn about the factors that help and hinder rural women from leading an active lifestyle, and to assess their interests in different types of physical activity promotion programs (coaching, web-based programs, etc.) The first phase of the study involved focus groups. Information provided by the women who participated in these group was used to develop a mail-based questionnaire, which will be distributed in fall 2017 to 1,000 rural women who participated in SHOW.

Description of the study/SHOW involvement in the project

SHOW made this study possible by providing a large sample of rural women who could be contacted for participation, and who had other survey and clinical data that can be linked to their responses to the physical activity questionnaire.

Why the study is being done

This study will help us design programs that best meet the needs and interests of rural Wisconsin women who want to get more active.