Purpose/goal of the project

The vizHOME project is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to systematically determine how household context shapes personal health information management (PHIM).

Description of the study/SHOW involvement in the project

A man uses virtual reality glasses

SHOW partnered with the vizHOME project to identify a target population for the vizHOME team’s comprehensive assessment of health information management inside the home, with particular emphasis on the features of the physical environment (internal spaces and objects) likely to shape PHIM. For the latest subproject, SHOW added a checklist newly developed by the vizHOME team, the Assessment of the Context of the Home Environment, to the SHOW Core Survey for over 200 individuals in distinct households. SHOW will also provide data from the Core Survey to the vizHOME team.

Why the study is being done

Knowledge of which features of the household context shape PHIM can be used to better design technologies for PHIM. The long-term goal is to improve individuals’ self-management and health outcomes by accelerating the design and adoption of PHIM-supporting computer technologies that explicitly take into consideration features of the home context.