Purpose/goal of the project

The goal of this project is to examine the relationship between fiber-rich food intake and gut microbiota, the prevalence of intestinal colonization by MDROs, and the relationship of fiber intake with MDRO colonization.

Description of the study/SHOW involvement in the project

This is a population based, cross-sectional study of 600 adults nested within SHOW. Utilizing SHOW has allowed us to reach a diverse sample of the Wisconsin population including less studied rural residents as varying degrees of exposure to infectious agents (e.g., by including participants living on farms, not typically included in largely urban-based existing population studies). This study collects specimens from stool, the nares, skin, and mouth as well as data on risk factors and diet

Why the study is being done

This is the first statewide microbiome study to ascertain the risk of acquiring MDROs through dietary habits. The results will set the stage for dietary interventions to restructure gut microbiota and thus potentially address oral health and obesity.