The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) has been collecting data annually since 2008. The data and biosamples are made available to qualified investigators and organizations to support cutting-edge research and discoveries that aim to improve health. SHOW also has capabilities of analyzing data upon request. We work with partners to ensure all human subject protections are properly in place before sharing data.

How to become a data user

SHOW data can be made available to qualified investigators, organizations and students. To receive access to SHOW data sets, you have to complete a data request form and data use agreement.


Before submitting a data request, explore SHOW codebooks to learn about SHOW's questionnaires, variables and derived variables. They are organized by health topic and by instrument for each survey year. The full text of the questions and the frequencies of the response options can be found for each instrument. The codebook section is password protected. Follow the link below to have a password automatically sent to you by email.

You can also view this PDF for a complete list of topics. You will reference this list in your data request form.

A student shows off research data

How to request data

Please complete the request form listed below that fits your planned SHOW data use and submit to

If you have any questions, SHOW staff is happy to assist you in completing and reviewing forms before submission.

Every data request must be approved SHOW executive committee. Please allow up to two weeks for approval of your request and up to two weeks to receive data. IRB approval or exempt status is required prior to having access to SHOW data. IRB approval is not needed for summary data. We are happy to discuss IRB approval under the SHOW protocol for manuscripts, student projects and for exploratory analyses.

Types of data requests

Data for exploratory analysis

You can request data for preliminary or exploratory analysis to determine if SHOW has data you need for your project. Let us know what topics you are interested in, what your hypothesis is and we can help you navigate through SHOW codebooks and create a summary report specific for your project. We recommend doing an exploratory analysis or requesting summary data before submitting a manuscript proposal.

Data for manuscripts

If you are ready to write a manuscript that is based on SHOW data, please submit a SHOW manuscript proposal and data request form. We will ask you to provide the rationale for your manuscript and hypothesis to be addressed. We encourage at least one member of the SHOW science team to be added to the writing group. The SHOW Publication Committee reviews the science proposed and for any duplication of research questions amongst proposals submitted.

Data for student projects

If you are a graduate student, SHOW is an excellent resource for your project or thesis. We require that you have a SHOW mentor who will provide guidance on analytic methodology when using SHOW data. If you need assistance matching your interests with a SHOW mentor, please contact us at . SHOW data are also available for classroom projects.

Data for grant application

You can request data for preliminary analyses for your grant application. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a project with us or if you would like to inquire about additional services, we may provide to support your application. Please allow sufficient time for creating datasets and analysis.