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Blood specimen shipper kits

The Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene is now offering blood specimen shipper kits.

What is the kit used for?

This kit can be used to send human blood specimens to the WSLH cytogenetic laboratory for testing and other services.

Services include:

  1. DNA banking
  2. Molecular testing (chromosomal microarray, fragile X testing, etc.)

Please call our lab or visit our website for more information about DNA banking or the molecular testing services we offer.

What our kit includes

  1. Instruction sheet and test requisition forms
  2. Two 3 ml EDTA blood collection tubes
  3. Necessary items to ship human blood specimens (biohazard bag, absorbent material, specimen box)
  4. Pre-paid return mailer

Specimen shipper kits are free to order.

How it works

  1. Call our laboratory at 608-262-0402. Request blood specimen shipper kits be sent to your office, specifying quantity and use (DNA banking or general molecular testing). Requests can also be made by emailing the above information along with your contact information, including your name, address and phonenumber to
  2. Kits and test requisition forms will be sent to your office free of charge.
  3. Return kits via the provided pre-paid mailer to the WSLH Cytogenetics Lab.
  4. Test fees and results (if applicable) will be sent to responsible parties.
  5. If you run out of kits, call and order more!