The Wisconsin Partnership Program is working to greatly improve the health of all Wisconsin residents. Through our funding, we support public health initiatives, address health disparities, create education and training programs that prepare the next generation of health care professionals, and invest in research that addresses diverse health and health care issues. Learn more about how we approach our goals and measure our impact.

Improving health in Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Partnership Program is committed to making Wisconsin a healthier state for all. Our investments in research, education and community partnerships provide a complementary approach to improving health. In addition, our strategic initiatives help build capacity for innovative research and education, and support initiatives that improve population health, healthcare delivery and target challenging public health issues.
Evaluation and impact
The Wisconsin Partnership Program believes evaluation is necessary to understand and demonstrate the impact we are making. The Partnership Program uses evaluation to understand the impact of awarded grants, determine the long-term contributions of grant programs and improve our grant-making process.
Education and training
With support from the Wisconsin Partnership Program, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health has established itself as a leader and national model for its comprehensive educational approach as a fully integrated school of medicine and public health. The Wisconsin Partnership Program’s continued investments in education, training and workforce development prepare future physicians and health professionals to care for both patients and populations.
Advancing health equity
Achieving health does not simply mean not being sick. Health is impacted by the absence of disease, but also by being well nourished, having access to safe and affordable housing, a good education and employment opportunities, access to high-quality health care and a thriving community. We understand that we must address health disparities and advance health equity in order to positively affect health in Wisconsin.
Supporting policy, systems and environmental change
Many people think that health is determined by individual choices and behavior. While that is true to some extent, far greater impact on health comes from the policies, systems and environments that govern daily life. By supporting evidence-based efforts to establish sustainable, equitable policy, systems and environmental solutions, we envision that opportunities to live a longer, healthier life are shared by all.