The Wisconsin Partnership Program's Community-Academic Partnership Fund awarded the following types of grants in 2004: Collaboration Implementation Grant Awards and Collaboration Development Grant Awards

Collaboration Implementation Grants

Access Community Health Centers, Inc. awarded $292,467 to "At-Risk Adolescent Health Outreach, Prevention, and Services Collaborative Program."

Description: The Adolescent Health Program has developed a comprehensive model of primary care for at-risk adolescents. This interdisciplinary team model integrates communication and collaboration with community partners and schools into the overall treatment plan.

Academic Partner: Gregory DeMuri, MD - Department of Pediatrics

Aurora Medical Center of Washington County (Washington, Waukesha counties) awarded $318,971 to "Fit Kids Fit Families Project in Washington County."

Description: Address the problem of obesity among children in Washington County, reduce and prevent childhood overweight and obesity by increasing physical activity and improving family health through healthy lifestyle changes.

Academic Partner: Paul Hartlaub, MD - Department of Family Medicine

Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Aurora Health Care (statewide) awarded $448,529 to "Safe Mom Safe Baby: A Collaborative Model of Care for Pregnant Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence."

Description: The project partners developed and implemented the Safe Mom, Safe Baby (SMSB) project, an intensive home and provider (clinic and hospital) based program for services to pregnant or post-partum women at risk for intimate partner violence.

Academic Partner: Jacquelyn Tillett, CNM, ND, and Tina Mason, MD, MPH - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cooperative Network (Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives) (statewide) awarded $450,000 to "Co-op Care."

Description: Improve access to health care and reduce health disparities affecting farmers and small rural-based businesses and bring together individual purchasers of health care under a cooperative umbrella to purchase health care at more affordable rates.

Academic Partner: Byron Crouse, MD - Department of Family Medicine

Dane County Department of Human Services (Dane County) awarded $450,000 to "Allied Drive Early Childhood Initiative."

Description: The partners developed and tested an evidence-based home visitation model entitled Early Childhood Initiative (ECI). The program included integrated home-based services, early childhood teams, peer support, and family intervention strategies for expectant mothers and caregivers of infants in the Allied Drive community. Addressing health disparities and promoting behaviors that lead to healthy birth outcomes is a key ECI goal.

Academic Partner: Roseanne Clark, PhD - Department of Psychiatry

Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council (Lac du Flambeau and Menominee Tribes) awarded $426,120 to "Healthy Children, Strong Families."

Description: The project developed and tested an intervention entitled Healthy Children, Strong Families (HCSF) to prevent obesity and related chronic disease among American Indian children in Wisconsin.

Academic Partner: Alexandra Adams MD, PhD - Department of Family Medicine

Milwaukee Birthing Project; InHealth (Milwaukee County) awarded $414,474 to "The Milwaukee Birthing Project: Improving Birth Outcomes for Mothers and Children."

Description: The Milwaukee Birthing Project (MBP) replicates the promising Birthing Project USA model. The African American maternal and child health program model encourages better birth outcomes by providing practical support to women during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their children.

Academic Partner: Sarah Esmond, MS, Collaborative Center for Health Equity

Milwaukee Police Department (Milwaukee County) awarded $400,001 to "Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission."

Description: The Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission (MHRC) developed a multi-level review process aimed at reducing homicides in Milwaukee and promoting healthy and safe neighborhoods.

Academic Partner: Ron Cisler, PhD - Center for Urban Population Health

School District of La Crosse (La Crosse County) awarded $880,980 to "Healthy and Active Lifestyles for Children and Youth with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Community-Based Partnership."

Description: Address the unique nutritional, physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of La Crosse area youth with disabilities. Increase physical activity levels for such children, and decrease overweight and obesity through nutritional programs and services.

Academic Partner: Stacy Her, MD - Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence (statewide) awarded $450,000 to "Breaking the Barriers to Health Care and Domestic Violence Prevention for Latino/Hispanic Immigrants."

Description: The overall aim of this project was to increase capacity of Wisconsin communities to meet the needs of Latino/Hispanic women experiencing domestic violence and to enhance their safety through broad community-based education, training and technical assistance, and dissemination of best practices.

Academic Partner: Mary Beth Plane, PhD - Department of Family Medicine

Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (statewide) awarded $395,819 to "PeriData: A Rural/Urban Information Network."

Description: PeriData.Net is a web-based perinatal database developed by the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC) and the Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH).

Academic Partner: Ron Cisler, PhD - Center for Urban Population Health

Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Division of Public Health, Bureau of Health Information and Policy (statewide) awarded $450,000 to "Beyond Lip Service: Integrating Oral Health into Public Health."

Description: Improve access to oral health prevention and treatment services, and prevent oral health disease among low-income children and racial and ethnic minorities; establish baseline oral health data for use in local health departments and in tribal community health improvement plans, implement county fluoride programs and improve access to prevention services.

Academic Partner: John Doyle, DDS - Department of Surgery

Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation (statewide) awarded $450,000 to "First Breath: Enhancing Services to Healthcare Providers and Clients."

Description: This project sought to build upon early successes of the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation's First Breath prenatal smoking cessation program by addressing identified gaps in programming and expanding the First Breath model to health care providers serving women of all ages.

Academic Partner: Michael Fiore, MD, MPH - UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention

Collaboration Development Grants

AARP Wisconsin (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Strengthening Family Caregivers Through Statewide Coalition."

Description: Educate family care givers to manage multiple care-giving roles and responsibilities while maintaining their own health and well being.

Academic Partner: Not available

ABC for Health (statewide), awarded $23,571 to "HealthWatch Wisconsin."

Description: Improve access to health care and coverage. Address health disparities faced by Wisconsin residents who lack access to health care due to inadequate health insurance coverage.

Academic Partner: Not available.

African American Health Network of Dane County (AAHN) (Dane County) awarded $25,000 to "Reducing Household Asthma Triggers in Dane County African American Households."

Description: Implement a community-based parent/community mentor model of peer education and home visitation to help reduce asthma risks in African American households. Provide education on ways to identify and manage household asthma triggers.

Academic Partner: Gloria Johnson-Powell, MD - Department of Psychiatry

Assisted Living Foundation of Wisconsin (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Fall No More."

Description: Train assisted living care givers and their supervisors in reducing falls and related injuries for elderly residents and individuals with dementia.

Academic Partner: Mark Sager, MD - Department of Medicine

Bay Area Agency on Aging (Brown, Door, Kewaunee and Oconto counties, and the Oneida Nation) awarded $25,000 to "Northeastern Wisconsin Falls Prevention Coalition."

Description: Integrate prevention strategies and information to reduce the number of falls and consequent morbidity and mortality for older adults living in Brown, Door, Kewaunee and Oconto counties, and the Oneida Nation.

Academic Partner: Not available

Black River Falls Memorial Hospital (Black River Falls area) awarded $25,000 to "Community Wellness Initiative."

Description: Develop a Rural Wellness Model that links private and public agencies and businesses in understanding the needs, benefits and responsibilities they share in contributing to community wellness; address nutrition, access to preventive services, obesity, inactivity, and economic and social factors that influence health.

Academic Partner: Not available

Diverse and Resilient (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Planning Grant to Reduce Health Disparities within LGBT populations in Wisconsin."

Description: Improve the integration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) health issues into community health goals. Create a comprehensive three-year plan with identified strategies to address health disparities among LGBT populations throughout Wisconsin.

Academic Partner: Not available

Family Planning Health Services (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Wisconsin's Adolescent Sexually Transmitted Infection - Protection through Education Project (WASTI-PEP)."

Description: Foster development of a plan to reduce sexually transmitted infections in Wisconsin's high-risk adolescent population; identify interventions that provide adolescents knowledge to help them lessen their risk of infection and re-infection by decreasing risky behaviors and increasing behaviors associated with reduced risk.

Academic Partner: Not available

Ho-Chunk Nation (Jackson County) awarded $25,000 to "Ho-Chunk Nation Culturally Trained Preventive and Supportive Care Project."

Description: Strengthen and expand the continuum of care for Ho-Chunk elders and disabled individuals in Jackson County and serve as a model program for the 14 additional counties that comprise the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Academic Partner: Not available

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Uniting Communities for Healthy Eating and Active Living."

Description: Develop a framework for a statewide communication network focused on changing local practice and policy and focus on health risk factors such as overweight, obesity and lack of physical activity.

Academic Partner: Not available.

Mental Health Center of Dane County (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Influencing Wisconsin's Public Health System Through Exploration of a Model That Addresses Hmong Mental Health Needs."

Description: Address the need for treatment strategies for mental disorders in Hmong people living in Wisconsin and develop partnerships to explore optimum approaches to address mental illness in these communities.

Academic Partner: Dean Krahn, MD - Department of Psychiatry

New Concept Self Development Center (Milwaukee area) awarded $25,000 to "Community Mental Health Training Institute."

Description: Increase the number of culturally competent mental health educators and service providers for ethnic minorities in the Milwaukee area.

Academic Partner: Ron Cisler, PhD - Department of Population Health Sciences

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Inc. (Dane County) awarded $25,000 to "Understanding and Overcoming Barriers Hispanic/Latina Women Face in Accessing Reproductive and Sexual Health Care Services."

Description: Study the barriers that discourage Hispanic/Latina women in Dane County from seeking preventive reproductive and sexual health care services and address barriers that produce disparities in breast and cervical cancer prevention for Hispanic/Latina women.

Academic Partner: Caryn Dutton, MD - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Polk County Health Department (Polk County) awarded $25,000 to "Partners for a Clean and Sober Polk County."

Description: Develop a comprehensive, county-wide plan for alcohol and substance abuse prevention, early intervention and treatment services; identify strategies for cooperative treatment and intervention among schools, agencies and communities.

Academic Partner: Not available

Racine City Health Department (City of Racine) awarded $25,000 to "Collaboration on Lead Education, Abatement and Reduction (C.L.E.A.R.)."

Description: Address lead hazards in homes, assess methods used to reduce lead hazards in housing and focus on health disparity issues in lead poisoning.

Academic Partner: Not available

Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine."

Description: Develop a comprehensive, coordinated and strategic approach to Wisconsin's shortage of rural physicians and improve long-term access to physicians in Wisconsin's rural communities.

Academic Partner: Byron Crouse, MD - Department of Family Medicine

Taylor County Health Department (Taylor County) awarded $25,000 for "Northern Wisconsin Groundwater Consortium (NWGC)."

Description: Develop state and local partnerships to study the correlation between geological formation, water well construction and elevated levels of arsenic and other contaminants in private drinking water and create a plan for continued environmental and health assessment, public education and policy development.

Academic Partner: Not available

Wisconsin Coalition for Linguistic Access to Healthcare (WCLAH) (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Health Care Interpreting Information and Resource Project."

Description: Develop and pilot a proficiency exam for interpreters working in health care organizations and address cultural and linguistic competence in the health care setting and improve access to care for populations with limited English proficiency.

Academic Partner: Nancy Sugden - Education and Academic Affairs

Wisconsin Medical Society (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "Enhancing Alcohol Screening, Intervention, and Referral Services in Wisconsin."

Description: Develop and carry out an action plan to deliver alcohol screening, intervention and treatment/referral services for adults.

Academic Partner: Richard Brown, MD, MPH - Department of Family Medicine

Wisconsin WIC Association (statewide) awarded $25,000 to "FIT WIC Wisconsin."

Description: The goal of FIT-WIC-Wisconsin is to create a WIC environment at the local level that prevents overweight/obesity and promotes healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Academic Partner: Not available