The Wisconsin Partnership Program’s Partnership Education and Research Committee awarded the following Collaborative Health Sciences Program grants in 2013:

Once 'Stepping On' Ends: Continuing a Group Falls Prevention Program Via the Internet

Jane Mahoney, MD, Medicine (Geriatrics)
Award: $499,934 over three years

Falls, associated hospitalizations and entry into long-term care pose a critical and costly public health issue that will increase as Wisconsin’s population ages. This new program expands on successful falls prevention research and interventions, specifically Stepping On, an effective small-group program that uses self-efficacy, adult learning theories and progressive exercise to reduce falls. Building on Stepping On’s success, this new project seeks to develop, evaluate and widely disseminate Keep On Stepping On (KOSO), an online, long-term group-based falls prevention exercise maintenance program for Stepping On graduates. KOSO represents a new collaboration of experts in falls prevention, systems engineering and physical therapy.

Multiplexed In Vivo Device to Assess Optimal Breast Cancer Therapy

Lee Wilke, MD, Surgery (General Surgery)
Award: $499,995 over three years

Current cancer treatments remain unfocused and broadly directed, resulting in both under- and over-treatment of patients with malignancies. Given the prevalence of breast cancer as well as the accessibility of these tumors in comparison to those in the abdomen and chest, the development of an in vivo tool for rapid, multiplexed assessment of drug efficacy offers the opportunity to assess optimal effects more directly. This collaboration brings together individuals from engineering, medical oncology and surgery who aim to improve outcomes for women with breast cancer by overcoming the barriers of drug sensitivity testing and the one-drug-one-patient problem.