The Wisconsin Partnership Program has created a research infrastructure within the School or Medicine and Public Health that emphasizes public health in both education and research. 

Through it, we support innovative research dedicated to health promotion and prevention as well as to the diagnoses, treatment and cure of disease, with an emphasis on reducing health disparities. Our investments provide a solid foundation to address today’s health problems and have the potential to improve health far into the future. Grantees are addressing health issues important to Wisconsin, but are also answering fundamental questions that will impact health beyond the state as well.

Wisconsin Partnership Program grants support research to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure disease and injuries. Projects focus on cancer, infectious disease, injury prevention, diabetes, maternal and child health and more.

The Partnership Education and Research Committee supports faculty grant programs as well as strategic education and research initiatives:

New Investigator Program

Faculty researchers produce new knowledge and discoveries that can be translated to improvements in human health. Often, early career faculty have limited funding support for their novel research projects. The New Investigator Program is a funding program that, in alignment with other funding and other support mechanisms, contributes to the career development of junior faculty in the School of Medicine and Public Health. Support from the Wisconsin Partnership Program allows them to initiate new, innovative educational or research pilot projects that, if successful, can lead to more substantial support from federal and other granting agencies.

Collaborative Health Sciences Program

The Collaborative Health Sciences Program recognizes that opportunities for success are greater through collaboration than through isolated research. These collaborations bring together different perspectives and ways of thinking to stimulate new approaches to finding solutions to important health issues that have not yielded to traditional approaches.

Partnership Education and Research Opportunity Grants

Partnership Education and Research Opportunity Grants provide funding to jump-start innovative projects that have the potential for transformative impact on health. The Partnership Education and Research Committee designed the Opportunity Grants Program to be strategic, flexible and timely in support of high-risk, high-profile, high-impact, state-of-the art education and research projects benefiting the health of the people of Wisconsin.

Strategic Education and Research Grants

Through Strategic Education and Research Grants, the Wisconsin Partnership Program provides significant levels of funding to selected investigators and teams to establish new initiatives aimed at addressing emerging health issues. With our support, these strategic initiatives have helped build capacity within and beyond the school for innovative research and education that addresses population health, healthcare delivery and more.