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Colombia Integrates Palliative Care into Public Health

Included in the January 2011 on-line issue of Palliative Medicine is an article describing efforts in Colombia to implement the WHO public health approach to palliative care, including improving opioid availability, increasing awareness and competence about palliative care for healthcare workers, and drafting a new law (pending in the Senate) that will integrate palliative care into the healthcare system as a routine component of care. The article includes suggestions for implementing similar initiatives in other countries.


The PPSG would like to thank the Open Society Institute's International Palliative Care Initiative and LIVESTRONG for their support of the International Pain Policy Fellowship.


The article, cited below, can be viewed through the Pain and Policy Studies Group website at


Leon M, Florez S, De Lima L, Ryan K. Integrating Palliative Care in Public Health: The Colombian Experience following an International Pain Policy Fellowship. Palliative Medicine, published online 12 January 2011.



Date Published: 02/08/2011

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Colombia Integrates Palliative Care into Public Health

Last updated: 02/08/2011
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