At the University of Wisconsin-Madison Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, we prepare students to enter the workforce as generalist practitioners, equipped to provide interprofessional, evidence-based, quality care through the roles of clinician, educator, researcher, administrator and consultant. Our program provides a welcoming, collaborative environment, which offers an integrative, team-taught curriculum bolstered by an emphasis on leadership, service and professional behaviors.

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Learning through service

Service is a major part of our profession and our program's identity. That's why an overwhelming majority of our students participate in service learning opportunities.


Percentage of first- and second-years students who volunteer their time through the program's pro-bono clinic


Average number of students who complete their service learning requirement internationally each year


Number of children with mobility impairments helped by students through GoBabyGo last year
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Tuition and financial aid

Returning for graduate school is always a significant financial commitment. At the University of Wisconsin, we're fortunate to have a wide array of scholarships available to students, which are made possible by generous donations from alumni, patients and other members of our community.