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MPH Curriculum

The Master of Public Health (MPH) curriculum consists of 42 total credits that can be completed on a full or part-time basis. The curriculum is designed to reflect the core competencies of public health and prepares our graduates to join the public health workforce.

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The courses in this table reflect curriculum for full-time MPH-exclusive students (those earning a single degree).


* PUBLHLTH 777: Clinical Medicine and Public Health is the leadership course for MD, PA, and PMR only.

** All MPH students will be required to take a leadership course. Dual degree students may take this course or a pre-approved leadership course in their other program.

*** Single degree students take fewer credits in Year II to allow time to work on their Integrative Learning Experience and complete elective courses.


Every MPH student is required to develop a portfolio that describes the student’s experiences, accomplishments and mastery of competencies during the MPH program. The portfolio is intended to be relevant to professional development, and to assess educational outcomes for students in the Master of Public Health program.


Students in MPH program are required to take 6 credits of electives. Dual degree students who take an alternative leadership course may need 7 credits of electives.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs enhance MPH students’ educational experiences, count toward their elective credits and allow them to specialize.

Applied Practice Experience

MPH students demonstrate competency attainment through a required Applied Practice Experience (APEX) with a community-based component. APEX provides practical experience in a public health setting where students apply their skills and knowledge.

Integrative Learning Experience

MPH students complete an Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) that exhibits a combination of foundational and discipline competencies. Students work with MPH faculty to design an ILE that matches their educational and professional goals.