With active programs in basic, clinical and public health science, our researchers continue to advance knowledge and translate laboratory discoveries to bedside application, ultimately improving the health of the residents of Wisconsin and beyond.

A tradition of innovation

From major advances in cancer research to breakthroughs in stem cells, our investigators are renowned for key contributions that have expanded our understanding of human health and have led to better treatments. Learn about some of our major research discoveries.
Not all tumors are alike, which means they respond differently to their environments and treatment options. Attending physicians and drug manufacturers rely on the work of researchers like Caroline Alexander to discover how tumor tissues behave and what therapies are most effective.

Training the next generation of scientists

The School of Medicine and Public Health is strategically positioned within a world-class research university where talented faculty and staff members are passionate about discovery, where innovation and collaboration in research and training are valued highly, and where top-notch research trainees are recruited nationally and internationally.

By the numbers

View some quick facts about research activities at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health.

$523.7 million

Total extramural research awards in 2020-21


Medical devices, imaging and pharmaceutical technologies by UW-Madison researchers invented or patented with support from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)


Number of graduate students in basic science programs
Basic science strategic plan
Basic sciences are fundamental to every aspect of our mission as a leading academic medical center. The strategic plan describes key actions that serve as a roadmap for the school.
The Wisconsin Partnership Program is a vital supporter of research aimed at improving Wisconsin's health. The program administers competitive faculty and community grant programs targeting the state's most critical health issues, including cancer, obesity and infectious diseases.

Find collaborators

Investigators from the School of Medicine and Public Health and beyond benefit from the depth and breadth of UW-Madison's world-class research enterprise. We embrace collaboration as a means of accelerating discovery.
Clinical Trials
Clinical trials at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health are medical research studies that test the effects of a drug, medical device or other medical treatment on a group of human volunteers. There are many clinical trials underway at the medical school, ranging from cancer to smoking cessation.
Supporting industry partnerships
In keeping with the Wisconsin Idea that the boundaries of classrooms and laboratories should extend to the entire state, the School of Medicine and Public Health supports the movement of transformational technologies to the marketplace. Many of these have been made possible through our industrial partnerships.