The program offers educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff from UW Health, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, departments across UW-Madison and the community.

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Learn about the process involved in creating, executing and evaluating a simulation event through the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program. Upon request, a budgetary quote will be made available after submission of a completed application for use form online.

Industry partnership

As part of our commitment to grow the science of simulation, our program pursues partnerships with outside entities and industry. This includes collaborations for hosting educational conferences, research and usability testing. Our state-of-the-art facility, expertise and scholarly position within an academic medical center provides partners with a unique service, founded in excellence and innovation. These lucrative partnerships have led to new collaborations, products, technologies and measurable growth toward improved patient care.

Research and development

Our program's foundational goal is to contribute to better patient care through the advancement of simulation as a science. This vital belief drives our program, our facilitators, our collaborators and our staff to pursue new ideas, best practices and technologies. We seek other driven individuals to join us in this pursuit and encourage sharing of new ideas and a scholarly community of learning.

Equipment rental

Those interested in using Clinical Simulation Program resources but don't require the use of our full facility can rent equipment. We offer a variety of manikins and trainers to meet your educational needs.

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