The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is led by Robert N. Golden, MD, who has served as dean since 2006.

Robert N. Golden, MD

Robert GoldenIn addition to serving as dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health, Golden is the Robert Turell Professor in Medical Leadership and vice chancellor for medical affairs at UW–Madison, and chair of the board of UW Health.

Golden and a seasoned team of administrative leaders, guided by a strategic plan, are responsible for implementing the school’s mission, vision and values.

The team has overseen the transformation of the school into the first integrated school of medicine and public health in the nation. The principles of health promotion and disease prevention, with a focus on addressing health disparities and advancing health equity, are woven into all of the school’s missions, along with the advancement of more effective approaches to diagnosing and treating illness in patients and populations.

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Senior Associate Deans

Allan Brasier
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research
Anjon Audhya
Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology, and Graduate Studies

Admin. asst.: bolle2@wisc.edu

Peter Newcomer
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Exec. asst.: jstudtswirth@uwhealth.org

Elizabeth Petty
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Exec. asst.: jeannette@wisc.edu

Associate Deans and Chiefs

Sanjay Asthana
Associate Dean for Gerontology

Admin. asst.: alweich@medicine.wisc.edu

Howard Bailey
Associate Dean for Oncology

Exec. asst.: jejackson2@wisc.edu

Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
Associate Dean for Diversity and Equity Transformation

Exec. asst.: mschultz3@uwhealth.org

Hope Broadus
Chief Human Resources Officer

Exec. asst.: klor8@wisc.edu

Elizabeth Burnside
Associate Dean for Team Science and Interdisciplinary Research
Shobhina Chheda
Associate Dean for Medical Education

Exec. asst.: rrolsen@wisc.edu

Heidi Conrad
Chief Financial Officer

Exec. asst.: mslouber@wisc.edu

Jacques Galipeau
Associate Dean for Therapeutics Development

Exec. asst.: caweinberger@wisc.edu

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Scheduling: ldonoghue@uwhealth.org

Allison Golden
Chief of Staff

Exec. asst.: cbrinkmeier@wisc.edu

Amy Kind
Associate Dean for Social Health Sciences and Programs

Exec. asst.: svik@wisc.edu

Laura Knoll
Associate Dean for Basic Research Training

Admin. asst.: bolle2@wisc.edu

Jomol Mathew
Associate Dean for Informatics and Information Technology

Admin. manager: ladick@wisc.edu

Gwen McIntosh
Associate Dean for Students

Exec. asst.: studentservices@med.wisc.edu

Mary McSweeney
Associate Dean for Admissions
Robyn Perrin
Chief Communications Officer

Exec. asst.: cbrinkmeier@wisc.edu

Nancy Raymond
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development

Exec. asst.: mcgauger@wisc.edu

Nasia Safdar
Associate Dean for Clinical Trials

Admin. asst.: labeiers@medicine.wisc.edu

Christine Seibert
Associate Dean for Medical Student Education and Services

Exec. asst.: rrolsen@wisc.edu

Jonathan Temte
Associate Dean for Public Health and Community Engagement
Ryan Tsuchida
Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs for Health Professions Learners

Associate Deans — Statewide Academic Campus

Jacob Bidwell
Associate Dean for the Advocate Aurora Health/Eastern Academic Campus

Exec. asst.: lindsay.pascarella@aurora.org

Matthew Jansen
Associate Dean for the Marshfield Clinic Health System/Northern Academic Campus

Exec. asst.: guidry.amy@marshfieldclinic.org

Benjamin Jarman
Associate Dean for the Gundersen Health System/Western Academic Campus

Exec. asst.: clsteinh@gundersenhealth.org