Our ForWard Curriculum delivers a unique three-phase model, integrating basic and clinical sciences, and public health. Students participate in team-based learning, hands-on application of knowledge in clinical and community settings, and have a dedicated mentor throughout their medical education.


What students say
Who better to give perspective about our school than your peers? In their own words, hear more on the impact of our curriculum, the community, and the culture and how it sets them up for the future of medicine.


The UW School of Medicine and Public Health has a vision of healthy people and healthy communities and we offer degree programs specifically aimed at reducing disparities among underserved populations. These programs offer students a unique path forward.

Choose Your Path

Enhance your education by considering one of our Paths of Distinction, providing additional experiences in public health and research.
Our community
We are committed to building a community where all learners, staff and faculty feel valued, included and empowered. Aspects of our organizational values include respecting the rights, dignity, and differences of all, and working to ensure that with every person, every action and every time, we are building an inclusive, collegial and respectful community.
Beyond the classroom
At the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, learning doesn't just happen in classrooms and labs. Our students are active in the school and broader community, with both personal and service-learning experiences. We proudly foster this engagement with our students. Explore some of the involvement opportunities.

Statewide campus

Enrich your education as you train at hospitals and clinics throughout Wisconsin. Learn more about our Statewide Campus and the impact those partnerships have on their education.
We are thrilled you have taken the time to learn more about the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. We invite you to explore our admissions process so you can begin your journey toward becoming a physician.
Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association (WMAA)
The Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association strives to enhance the experience of School of Medicine and Public Health students by building a network of alumni who maintain their connection to the school, giving back time, money, knowledge and experience.