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MD Program

We prepare future physicians to advance health and health equity through remarkable service to patients and communities.

Integrated Curriculum

Our ForWard Curriculum delivers a unique three-phase model, integrating basic and clinical sciences with public health. You will be immersed in team-based learning and hands-on application of knowledge in clinical and community settings.

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Programs and Paths

Explore the possibilities with training programs for rural and urban medicine, as well as dual degree programs and scientific research integrated with clinical medicine. Enhance your education by considering one of five Paths of Distinction.

MD Admissions

Admission to the regular MD program is required for all programs and paths


Explore integrated training in research and clinical medicine


Find your future in public health with our dual degree program

Rural Medicine/

Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine (WARM)

Urban Medicine/

Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health (TRIUMPH)

Paths of Distinction

Pathways in public health, medical education, bioethics and research

Supportive Community

We want all learners, staff and faculty to feel valued, included and empowered. With every person and every action, every time, we are building an inclusive, collegial and respectful community.

Points of Pride


MD students engage in research


MD students volunteer in the health care community


Scholarship support received by MD students in 2022-23

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Serve the Community

Service-learning experiences extend beyond the classroom and labs. Community service programs offer meaningful ways to promote health and well-being in Madison and surrounding areas. We proudly foster this engagement with our students.

Community service programs
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Focus on Health Equity

At the nation’s first school of medicine and public health, you’ll be focused on advancing health and health equity in Wisconsin and beyond. Clinical rotations and acting internships in more than 30 communities offer students hands-on learning opportunities in a wide variety of settings.

Statewide Campus

The Neighborhood Atlas® maps degree of socio-economic disadvantage, which can affect health outcomes.

Alumni Connections

As an MD student you'll have opportunities to network with more than 8,000 alumni. Alumni stay connected and informed about events and learning opportunities through the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association (WMAA). 

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Cathryn Phouybanhdyt
The best thing about the learning environment is that we are a school of medicine AND public health, and that gets woven throughout our curriculum.

Cathryn Phouybanhdyt, class of 2024

MD Student Handbook (PDF) Visiting Medical Students Report Mistreatment