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Medical Students Learn Residency Locations at Match Day

Madison, Wisconsin - The future was determined Friday for 172 soon-to-be resident physicians at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, who learned where they'll spend the next several years of medical training during Match Day, a traditional rite of passage for medical students.


One by one, the members of the Class of 2014 came to the microphone and announced their residency locations in front of a packed lecture hall in the Health Sciences Learning Center.


Match Day caps an emotion-filled week in the life of a medical student. On Monday, the students learned whether they matched.


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Among those matching were 24 students in the Wisconsin Academy of Rural Medicine (WARM), which trains students in rural areas of the state. Approximately 15 students from the Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health (TRIUMPH) program also matched. TRIUMPH prepares medical students for working in underserved urban areas and provides most of its third- and fourth-year training in the greater Milwaukee area.


Karyn LaursenKaryn Laursen, a Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine student, said she's looking forward to taking the next step in her journey toward becoming a physician. She admitted to feeling some trepidation after watching last year's Match Day ceremony, especially since she has a young family.


As it turned out, she needn't have worried. After a transitional year in Milwaukee, she'll enter residency in rehabilitation medicine at UW Hospital and Clinics.


"I think I just needed to have courage and move ahead, do the interviews and get the applications out there, and try my best every step along the way," she said. "I'm just so thrilled with the result."


About 10 students who are earning their MD and PhD in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) also matched. The MSTP is funded by the National Institutes of Health, and is designed to create the next generation of physician-scientists.


The program typically takes eight years to complete. After the second year of medical school, students complete a graduate program before rejoining medical school for the clinical years.


Chloe McCoyChloe McCoy said when she started the program, she felt like she would be in school for the rest of her life. But now that she's about to move on to residency, she's wondering where all the time went.


"(Match Day is) special for us because we've been here for a very long time, and we've worked really, really hard," she said.


McCoy is excited to be heading to Palmetto Health Richland Hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, for an emergency medicine residency, where she'll be able to join her husband, who's stationed there as a jet pilot in the Marine Corps.


But if you're thinking she might take a little break first, well, not so much.


"I'm going to Belize for a month to take a little break to do medicine in a rural area," she said. "And we already got an email about (residency) orientation."


Match Results Map


The map below shows the residency locations for the class of 2014 at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. In cities where more than one student matched, you can scroll through the different specialties after clicking on the pin.


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Date Published: 07/03/2014

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Medical Students Learn Residency Locations at Match Day

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