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Two UW Carbone Researchers Awarded UW2020 Funding

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center faculty members Paul Sondel, MD, PhD, and Elizabeth Burnside, MD have both had research proposals selected for support from the UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative. Their projects are partially supported with funding from the UW Carbone Cancer Center.


Twelve other research and infrastructure projects were also selected.


“This group of UW2020 proposals illustrates the depth of our faculty’s commitment to innovative research,” says Marsha Mailick, PhD, UW–Madison vice chancellor for research and graduate education. “We believe that these projects will make a lasting impact by improving lives and expanding our understanding of the natural world.”


Sondel’s proposed research will investigate if a combination of radiotherapy, antitumor antibodies and the immune chemical IL2 can create a cancer vaccine. UW Carbone members Jamey Weichert, PhD, Zachary Morris, MD, PhD, Mario Otto, MD, PhD and Bryan Bednarz, PhD, are co-investigators.


Burnside’s proposed research will seek to identify new breast cancer genetic markers and if they have the potential to be translated from the bench to the clinic. UW Carbone members Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD, David Page, PhD, and James Shull, PhD are co-investigators. Other UW researchers collaborating on the proposal include Ming Yuan, PhD, Yirong Wu, PhD and Irene Ong, PhD.


Reviewers chose from nearly 120 proposals outlining early-stage studies and investments in instruments and equipment aimed at providing important momentum to interdisciplinary research that could soon merit more attention and outside funding.


The award recipients are the second set of UW2020 awardees, following 14 awards announced in April. That first round included a proposal by UW Carbone members David Pagliarini, PhD, Joshua Coon, PhD and Mark Craven, PhD.

Date Published: 07/26/2016

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Two UW Carbone Researchers Awarded UW2020 Funding

Last updated: 07/26/2016
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