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4/29/2016Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology Seminar
4/29/2016Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
4/29/2016Department of Neurology Grand Rounds
5/02/2016Population Health Seminar
5/03/2016Skin Disease Research Center Seminar
5/04/2016Cancer Biology Seminar
5/04/2016Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
5/04/2016UWCCC Grand Rounds-Doug Fraker, MD
5/05/2016Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds
5/05/2016Pathology Grand Rounds
5/05/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/06/2016Current Topics in General Surgery
5/06/2016Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
5/06/2016Department of Neurology Grand Rounds
5/06/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
5/06/2016TIRWG Monthly Meeting-May 2016
5/10/2016Geriatric Grand Rounds & Wisconsin ADRC Seminar Series
5/11/2016Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
5/11/2016UWCCC Grand Rounds-Breast Radiation in 2016: One Size Does Not Fit All-Bethany Anderson, MD
5/12/2016Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds
5/12/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/12/2016Radiology Grand Rounds
5/12/2016UW-Madison Blood Research Program Colloquium
5/13/2016Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
5/13/2016Department of Neurology Grand Rounds
5/13/2016Graduation Ceremony
5/13/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
5/18/2016Hot Topics in Internal Medicine 2016: The Latest Knowledge to Impact Your Practice
5/18/2016Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
5/18/2016UWCCC Grand Rounds-Melanoma Update/New Advances-Mark Albertini, MD
5/19/2016Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds
5/19/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/19/2016Radiology Grand Rounds
5/20/2016Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
5/20/2016Department of Neurology Grand Rounds
5/20/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
5/20/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
5/25/2016Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
5/25/2016UWCCC Grand Rounds-Optimizing Quality in Thyroid Cancer Care-Rebecca Sippel, MD
5/26/2016Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds
5/26/2016Pediatric Grand Rounds
5/26/2016Radiology Grand Rounds
5/27/2016Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
5/27/2016Department of Neurology Grand Rounds
5/27/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
5/27/2016Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Grand Rounds
6/03/2016Career Paths 201 Spring Seminar: Taking Charge of Your Career - Working Smarter Not Harder
6/03/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
6/03/2016Ophthalmology Grand Rounds
6/15/2016UWCCC Grand Rounds-Paul Sondel, MD, PhD
8/08/2016Comprehensive Review of Pain Medicine
9/02/2016TIRWG Monthly Meeting-September 2016
9/23/20162016 Pulmonary and Critical Care Update
10/07/2016TIRWG Monthly Meeting-October 2016
10/24/2016International Chemical Biology Society-October 24-26, 2016-Madison
11/04/2016TIRWG Monthly Meeting-November 2016
12/02/2016TIRWG Monthly Meeting-December 2016

Upcoming Events
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