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Upcoming Events

9/03/2014Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
9/03/2014UWCCC Grand Rounds-Improving UW Approach to Oral Chemotherapy
9/05/2014TIRWG Monthly Meeting
9/09/2014Activation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Diseases
9/09/2014Neuronal Ensembles: An Emergent Level of Cortical Function
9/10/2014Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
9/10/2014UWCCC Grand Rounds-Evolution-guided Functional Approaches to Study Virology and Chromosome Biology
9/11/2014'Play is Not a Waste of Time' TEDMED Session Featuring Dr. Carla Pugh
9/12/2014Psychiatry Grand Rounds
9/12/2014Psychiatry Grand Rounds
9/17/2014ICTR Mentorship Development Seminar
9/17/2014Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
9/17/2014UWCCC Grand Rounds-Aiming Targeted Therapy: Deep Sequencing of Cancer in the Clinic
9/18/20142014 WREN Convocation of Practices
9/18/2014Department of Psychiatry Greenfield Memorial Lecture
9/18/2014Women's Health and Equity Research Lecture and Symposium
9/19/20142014 WREN Convocation of Practices
9/23/2014Emerging Roles of Protein Phosphatase Regulation of Calcium Handling in Atrial Fibrillation
9/24/2014Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds
9/24/2014UWCCC Grand Rounds-Toby Campbell, MD
9/26/2014Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Grand Rounds
10/01/2014ICTR Mentorship Development Seminar
10/03/2014TIRWG Monthly Meeting
10/10/2014Annual Update and Advances in Psychiatry Conference
10/15/2014ICTR Mentorship Development Seminar
10/24/201413th Annual Fall Cancer Symposium
10/24/2014Delivering High Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis
10/29/2014ICTR Mentorship Development Seminar
11/07/2014TIRWG Monthly Meeting
12/05/2014TIRWG Monthly Meeting
5/29/2015Psychiatry Grand Rounds

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