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Upcoming Events

8/27/2015Grand Rounds: Eating Disorders: The Role of the Medical Provider
8/28/2015Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Grand Rounds
8/29/2015MOCA Simulation Course
9/03/2015CVRC Vascular Biology Research Colloquium
9/04/2015TIRWG Monthly Meeting-September 2015
9/08/2015Engineering Human Stem Cell Lines With Inducible Gene Knockout Using CRISPR/Cas9
9/09/2015UWCCC Grand Rounds-UWCCC Update: Discussion & Feedback
9/10/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
9/14/2015Medical Physics Seminar - Research on Radiation Dosimetry and Monte Carlo Simulation at RPI - A Review
9/15/2015Cardiovascular Research Center Seminar Series
9/15/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
9/15/2015Rescue of Nonsense KCNJ13 Mutation c.158 G>A (p.W53*) Mediated Disease Phenotype Using Patient IPS-RPE Cells
9/16/2015UWCCC Grand Rounds-UWCCC/WON Molecular Tumor Board
9/17/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
9/17/2015Grand Rounds - Conflict of Interest
9/17/2015Mini Med School
9/17/2015Wisconsin Update in Geriatric Medicine and Board Review Course
9/18/2015Dizziness and Balance Issues in Persons Post-Concussion and with Traumatic Brain Injury
9/21/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
9/21/2015Skin Disease Research Center Seminar
9/22/2015Institute on Aging 27th Annual Colloquium
9/23/2015UWCCC Grand Rounds-Precision Oncology: Implications for Science and Practice with a Focus on Prostate Cancer
9/25/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
9/25/2015Medical Microbiology & Immunology
9/26/2015MOCA Simulation Course
9/30/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
9/30/2015UWCCC Grand Rounds-Carlos Arteaga, MD
10/01/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
10/01/2015Grand Rounds - Contrast Reactions
10/02/2015Cortex, Consciousness and Anesthesia
10/02/2015TIRWG Monthly Meeting-October 2015
10/07/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
10/07/2015UWCCC Grand Rounds-Jacques Galipeau, MD
10/09/2015Psychiatry Grand Rounds
10/10/2015Arndt Advanced Skills in Airway Management Lecture Series Featuring Hands-on Workshops
10/13/2015Graduate Assistants Equity Workshop
10/14/20152015 WREN Convocation of Practices - Developing A Road Map for Optimum Patient-Partnered Chronic Condition Management
10/14/2015UWCCC Grand Rounds-Imaging Therapeutic Response in Breast Cancer
10/17/2015MOCA Simulation Course
10/19/2015Genetics and Genomics of Stripes and Spots
10/23/2015Third Annual Wisconsin Transcatheter Valve Symposium
10/24/2015Third Annual Wisconsin Transcatheter Valve Symposium
11/06/2015TIRWG Monthly Meeting-November 2015
11/12/2015Alzheimer's Disease: Annual Update 2015 Conference
11/13/2015Alzheimer's Disease: Annual Update 2015 Conference
12/04/2015TIRWG Monthly Meeting-December 2015
12/05/2015MOCA Simulation Course

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