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Updates on COVID-19
The School of Medicine and Public Health is working closely with campus and clinical partners to provide its faculty, staff, learners, and community with relevant COVID-19 developments. Find updates and information through the links below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you tested positive for COVID-19 and have since tested negative, please consider donating plasma for a clinical trial. If you are in the Madison area, call 608-262-8300 or e-mail to learn more.

We train tomorrow's health care leaders

The School of Medicine and Public Health seeks the very best students who will care for patients with compassion and empathy, work to improve the health and well-being of populations and fearlessly push the boundaries of scientific inquiry.

Paradigm-changing discoveries

From the development of SPF ratings to finding new ways to treat cancer, our researchers have established a legacy of translating laboratory discoveries into clinical treatments. Here are just a few of our paradigm-changing innovations.


Joshua Lederberg awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on bacteria reproduction and antibiotic resistance.


Howard Temin is named co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering reverse transcriptase, the enzyme that explains how retroviruses cause cancer and AIDS.


James Thomson and his research team become the first in the world to derive a human embryonic stem cell line.
Today's advances, tomorrow's cures
From the tiniest cells to Big Data, our investigators are making key discoveries that lead to better treatments. Elizabeth Burnside, MD, MPH, is using computer technology and a growing collection of clinical data to develop computer-based decision making tools for breast imaging to enhance breast cancer screening and diagnosis.
The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity, both as an end in itself, and as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities.

Latest news

A message to our partners: The Wisconsin Partnership Program's commitment to health equity


The Wisconsin Partnership Program staff and leadership are reaching out to express our support to our partners and grantees who are working tirelessly to aid their communities, patients and populations, in particular those suffering from the deep ...

Standing up for equality and health equity


It has been just over a week since George Floyd, an unarmed black man, was killed by police officers in Minneapolis during an attempted arrest in a horrific and brazen act of police brutality. This past weekend, powerful instances of both peaceful...

Survey of the Health of Wisconsin shifts data collection efforts to understand how COVID-19 affects all aspects of health


The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW) is shifting data collection efforts this coming year with the goal of being at the forefront of understanding how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting all aspects of health.

Francisco Pelegri named chair of medical genetics


Professor Francisco Pelegri, PhD, has been named chair of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Laboratory of Genetics, effective July 1, 2020.

In COVID-19 response, don’t let urgency trump sound science


Bioethicist Pilar Ossorio says the world could be at risk of sacrificing essential knowledge for fighting COVID-19 and future deadly viruses if the COVID-19 response is not accompanied by sound research.

Center for Health Enhancement System Studies launches COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect App


COVID-19 Wisconsin Connect, a free desktop and mobile app that provides accurate information, social support and helpful resources to Wisconsinites, launched today. The Center for Health Enhancement System Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Ma...

UW Department of Psychiatry demonstrates effectiveness of telehealth in COVID-19 pandemic response


The COVID-19 pandemic placed limitations on face-to-face patient care, causing complexity for hospital psychiatric units. Undeterred, psychiatrists at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health quickly shifted to new ways of providing care.

Class of 2020 honors, awards and scholarships


The University of Wisconsin School of Medine and Public Health extends a hearty congratulations to a special class of 2020 MD graduates. Although the final months of school were disrupted by the worst pandemic of the century, we sal...

Wisconsin Partnership Program announces $2.7 million in grants in response to COVID-19


The Wisconsin Partnership Program at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health has announced 22 new awards totaling $2.7 million to researchers and community organizations across Wisconsin for their efforts to lessen the impact of COVID-19.

Teams from Wisconsin, New York search for molecular clues to defeat COVID-19


In the center of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are racing to maintain quality care for patients with severe disease while facing a shortage of resources and limited understanding of the novel coronavirus.

Embracing the Wisconsin Idea

Our school's engagement extends across the entire state. We are deeply committed to improving the health of the people of Wisconsin, and in doing so, creating innovative models for the rest of the country. Through our academic campuses, our faculty and students participate in statewide education and research, with an emphasis on underserved rural and urban populations.
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