Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read and understand the following policies, procedures and guidelines regarding the use of UW Health Clinical Simulation Program services and facilities.

The manual includes the following information:

  1. Introduction to the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program (CSP)
  2. Client Use of the CSP
  3. Instructor Orientation
  4. Scheduling Courses
  5. Fees/Funding
  6. Course Denial
  7. Creating a Course
  8. Conducting a Course
  9. Equipment and Facility Use
  10. Cancellations
  11. In-Situ Trainings
  12. Reporting Issues
  13. Appendix A: Application for Use
  14. Appendix B: CSP Terminology
  15. Appendix C: Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
  16. Appendix D: Skills Laboratory Rules for Use
  17. Appendix E: Authorization Release for Photography and Video
  18. Appendix E: Acknowledgement of Policy and Procedure

Clinical Simulation Program Policies and Procedures (pdf)