MGCS Marshfield Clinical Track

In collaboration with the Medical Genetics Service at Marshfield Clinic Health System in Marshfield, Wisconsin, the Master of Genetic Counselor Studies (MGCS) program offers a second-year clinical internship to one MGCS student.

The Marshfield Clinic Medical Genetics Service includes a clinical genetics team of genetic counselors and physicians who see patients in all core areas (prenatal, cancer, pediatrics, etc.) as well as many specialty clinics, including the only comprehensive treatment clinic for Bardet-Biedl syndrome in North America. They have been providing telehealth for more than 15 years and have one of the most active telehealth clinics in the state.

The Marshfield Clinic Research Institute, a longtime leader in personalized medicine, is home to the Personalized Medicine Research Project and includes one of the largest population-based projects in the United States. They partner with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin in the NIH-funded “All of Us” research program.

In the summer following the successful completion of their first year in Madison, the student selected for the Marshfield track will begin the remainder of their training at the Marshfield Medical Center (clinical rotations, coursework via distance education platforms, and research project). The student will meet regularly (virtually) with Madison-based advisors, instructors, and classmates.

While the more flexible format of the Marshfield clinical rotations may be different than the second year in Madison, this program option mirrors the Madison option with required core clinical rotations in prenatal, oncology and general genetics, and a wide variety of optional specialty clinics.

Important to Know

  • During the interview process, a Marshfield Medical Center genetic counselor will meet all applicants with possible interest in applying to the Marshfield track. It is important that both the applicant and Marshfield staff have this opportunity to make the most informed admissions match decision.
  • While the second year in Marshfield is designed to be fully executed in Marshfield, WI, occasional trips to Madison (a 2.5 hour drive) may be necessary, such as for specific in-person standardized patient experiences or the comprehensive exam. These will be kept to a minimum.
  • There are no graduate assistantships (such as teaching assistantships) available with this program option. However, living expenses in Marshfield will likely result in savings, and PreventionGenetics, a large clinical genetic testing laboratory may have options for paid employment.
  • Marshfield offers an active health professions student community with the chance to feel part of a lively student cohort.
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