Students interested in one of the programs in the Biomedical Graduate Program Consortium should apply separately to each program of interest. If you apply to more than one program in the consortium, the programs will consult with one another during the admissions process.

Refer to the application checklist for the online application and additional instructions.

If you are interested in coursework and/or a laboratory rotation in other consortium programs but do not wish to apply to those programs, you may indicate these additional areas of interest on your application.

Our programs welcome and seek a diverse student body, and we uphold the university’s equal opportunity and affirmative action policy. We work in partnership with the Graduate School’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Funding. We also work in partnership with the McBurney Disability Resource Center to help create an accessible and inclusive educational experience for students.

The deadline for fall entry is December 1. We do not offer spring or summer admission. The admissions committee will only review complete applications received by the deadline. Applications received after this date may be considered; please contact the program staff.

When applying to multiple programs at UW-Madison, upload a complete set of application materials to each program. Materials are not shared among programs.

Please visit each program’s website for more information. Program profiles, which include information about acceptance rates and time to degree completion, are available from the Graduate School.