Become an APEX Community Partner

The Master of Public Health (MPH) program values strong relationships with community partners throughout the state of Wisconsin. Experienced, dedicated staff within each organization guide and mentor students throughout the Applied Practice Experience (APEX).

Partnering with organizations such as the Department of Health Services, Disability Rights Wisconsin, Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council and many others is a wonderful opportunity to learn from, and give back to, our community. The benefit to students is practical experience in a professional setting. The community partner benefits from having a student focus on a particular challenge or problem and apply research skills to determine solutions.

Practice supervisors, known as “preceptors,” meet with students to establish and determine the parameters of the Applied Practice Experience. They assign the work to be done for the organization, which must demonstrate the application of the competencies.

Preceptor Qualifications

Are you interested in partnering with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health to offer an Applied Practice Experience to Master of Public Health students?

To be a preceptor, you must:

  • Be an employee of the community-based organization where the student will be working
  • Have an advanced degree in an appropriate field (preferred) and/or adequate experience in the fundamental concepts in population health
  • Feel comfortable providing constructive feedback to students and be willing to engage in the learning process

Preceptors are eligible for an honorary UW appointment which comes with access to certain UW facilities and resources.

Submit an Opportunity

Would you like to submit your organization for consideration as a community partner for an Applied Practice Experience opportunity?

Contact Danielle Smith, Community Engagement Manager at or 608-263-3036 with questions about APEX and placements.

Use this form to apply to be a placement site for students in the Master of Public Health program at UW–Madison for their Applied Practice Experience. APEX is a 240 hour, six credit experience in a community-based setting. The APEX program connects students to placement sites based on several considerations including: student interest areas, opportunity for growth, opportunity for students to meaningfully contribute and provide service to sites, and mentorship capacity. The information on this form will be used to inform students as they look for placement sites.