Public Health Mentors

Public health mentors, assigned to you on admission to the Master of Public Health (MPH) program, are invaluable to your Applied Practice Experience (APEX). Your public health mentor will provide insight, guidance and encouragement as you navigate your work experience. You may also have the chance to learn about a particular area of public health from a top expert in the field.

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Parvathy Pillai, MD, MPH

Parvathy Pillai

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences

“Serving as a public health mentor has been a really rewarding experience for me. It’s exciting to see how students’ projects align with their interests, to be able to support them in making potential public health connections and to see how all of this connects back to some of their key MPH coursework. I help them reflect on how their public health skills have grown throughout the program, which is wonderful. I also enjoy getting to work with other faculty advisors and meeting the preceptors. It has been a great opportunity to make connections to others working in public health. I would definitely encourage other faculty to do this.”