The purpose of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine-Master of Public Health (DVM-MPH) dual degree program is to provide advanced professional training in both veterinary medicine and public health.

The dual-degree program allows students to complete both the DVM and MPH degrees in five years and allows for an overlap of eight credits between the two programs. DVM students traditionally complete the first two years of their veterinary curriculum before entering the MPH Program. Students then step out of veterinary school to complete the core requirements, electives and field experience for the MPH Program over the course of three semesters before returning to veterinary school.

The DVM-MPH dual degree requires that students apply to and be admitted to each program separately. DVM students can apply to the MPH Program during any application cycle in the first two years of veterinary school. Admitted students can defer their admission until after the second year of vet school. The MPH Program does not have rolling admission.

DVM-MPH course schedule


  • PUBHLTH 780 Evidence-Based Decision-Making
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 781 Communicating Public Health Effectively I
  • PUBHLTH 782 Determinants of Health and Health Equity: A Systems Approach
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 783 Quantitative Approaches to Public Health
    4 credits
  • PUBHLTH 791 Communicating Public Health Effectively II
    2 credits
  • PUBHLTH 792 Policy and Public Health
    3 credits

16 total credits


  • PUBLHLTH 784 Quantitative Approaches To Public Health II
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 785 Public Health and Health Care Systems
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 786 Planning and Management to Promote Health
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 787 Applied Practice Experience Seminar
    1 credit
  • PUBLHLTH 790 Social Justice and Public Health: Tools and Models
    2 credits
  • PUBHLTH 793 Public Health Leadership
    2 credits

14 total credits


  • PUBHLTH 788 Applied Practice Experience
    6 credits

6 total credits

Home program

  • Discipline-Related Courses and Electives
    6 credits
    • Path Bio 512 Intro Veterinary Epidemiology (2 credits)
    • Path Bio 515 Reg Vet Med and PH (2 credits)
    • Med Sc-V 675 Applied Epi (2 credits) or Med Sc-V 775 PH Externship (2 credits)

6 total credits