The Doctor of Physical Therapy-Master of Public Health (DPT-MPH) dual degree program offers the unique opportunity for students to complete both degrees in only four years, preparing them to apply practical public health skills to their clinical careers. As one of only five programs in the United States, the dual degree allows students an efficient and cost-effective way to blend these clinically and community-oriented programs.


After completing this program, students are prepared to address problems at both an individual and community level. Graduates from these programs can be found in hospital administration, the non-profit sector, consultant roles, corporate wellness, global health and development, research and many other areas.

For the dual degree program, students will complete one year in the MPH program, completing the majority of MPH requirements before moving onto two years of DPT didactic work. Students spend the final year of the program completing DPT clinical requirements, along with the MPH Applied Practice Experience (APEX) and the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE).

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DPT-MPH Admissions Process

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health DPT-MPH dual degree program requires that students are reviewed for admission by each program separately. Students interested in pursuing the dual degree should indicate this on their PTCAS application with a corresponding essay indicating why they are interested in the dual degree. Admitted applicants will then defer the admission to the DPT program, spending one year in the MPH program while they complete the majority of the MPH requirements. It is important that students follow the application process, as neither the DPT nor MPH programs have rolling admission.

Applicants who indicate interest in the dual degree on their PTCAS application are committing to the dual degree program and will not be considered for the DPT program alone.  Applicants need to be accepted by both programs for dual degree admission to be offered. Those who are not offered admission by both programs will be denied. No preference for admission to the DPT program will be given to those with interest in the dual degree.

DPT admissions

Global Health Certificate

The Graduate/Professional Global Health Certificate Online is designed to advance the knowledge and capabilities of learners with interests in global health. The certificate is an eleven-credit, largely asynchronous, online program that provides flexibility for students to complete the certificate effectively within the context of the DPT program.

Sample Schedule

The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students complete the Master of Public Health (MPH) year first.

  • PUBLHLTH 780: Evidence-Based Decision-Making, 3 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 782: Determinants of Health and Health Equity: A Systems Approach, 3 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 783: Quantitative Approaches to Public Health I, 4 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 791: Communicating Public Health Effectively, 3 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 792: Public Health Policy, 3 credits

16 credits total

  • PUBLHLTH 784: Quantitative Approaches to Public Health II, 3 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 785: Public Health and Health Care Systems, 3 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 786: Planning and Management to Promote Health, 3 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 790: Social Justice and Public Health: Tools and Models, 2 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 793: Public Health Leadership, 2 credits

13 credits total

During DPT Program
  • Applied Practice Experience (DPT Year 3)
    • (Combines competencies for PUBLHLTH 788: Applied Practice Experience and PT 642: Research Practicum) 6 credits
  • Discipline-Related Courses (Elective) 7 credits
    • PT 539 – Physical Therapy Education and Lifespan Learning Issues, 1 credit
    • PT 540 – Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care, 1 credit
    • PT 541 – Issues of Culture and Diversity in Health Care, 1 credit
    • PT 542 – Medical Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Health Care Regulations, 1 credit
    • PT 543 – Professional Practice Issues, 1 credit
    • DPT 668 – Health Promotion and Wellness, 2 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 787: Applied Practice Experience Seminar (Spring of DPT Year 2) 1 credit (online)

Total Tuition for 11 Semesters of DPT-MPH