The Doctor of Medicine-Master of Public Health (MD-MPH) dual degree program is designed to prepare future practitioners to successfully address health and wellness and complex health issues on an individual and population basis. MD-MPH students gain foundational knowledge and skills in clinical medicine as well as in the science and practice of public health.

The MD-MPH program allows students to complete both degrees in five years. MD-MPH students have the option of completing their MPH degree at one of two points: the year prior to starting medical school or between the third and fourth year of medical school

The timing of the MPH year is determined based on what is best for the student. During the year spent in the MPH program, students complete the majority of their MPH coursework, along with their MPH Applied Practice Experience (APEX) and the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE). The remainder of the elective credits may be completed during the MD program or during their MPH year.

There are two options for applying to the MD-MPH program:

  • Prospective MD students may apply through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) at the time of MD admissions. This option is recommended for students who want to complete their MPH year prior to med school, or would like the option to complete their MPH year first (the option to defer is still available to these students). Prospective students indicate their interest in the dual degree on the secondary application, in AMCAS. MD Admissions will then request that the applicant submit an additional personal statement describing their interest and experience in public health. Students who defer do not need to re-apply to the MD program.
  • Current MD students with an interest in public health have the option to apply during their first three years of medical school. Current MD students must apply using the standard MPH application (not AMCAS).

Important: MD-MPH applicants are only reviewed by the MPH program AFTER they are admitted to the MD program. Applicants who are denied admission to the MD program or are on an alternate list will not be reviewed for admission to the MPH program.

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health MD-MPH dual degree program requires that students are reviewed for admission by each program separately. It is important that students follow the application process required for either admission option (at the time of MD admission or once enrolled in the MD program).

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Scholarships are available for MD-MPH students during their MPH year. Students should apply during the year that they will begin the MPH program.

MD-MPH scholarship guidelines

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MD-MPH Course Schedule

  • PUBHLTH 780 Evidence-Based Decision-Making
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 782 Determinants of Health and Health Equity: A Systems Approach
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 783 Quantitative Approaches to Public Health
    4 credits
  • PUBHLTH 791 Communicating Public Health Effectively
    3 credits
  • PUBHTLH 792 Policy and Public Health
    3 credits

16 total credits

  • PUBLHLTH 784 Quantitative Approaches to Public Health II
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 785 Public Health and Health Care Systems
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 786 Planning and Management to Promote Health
    3 credits
  • PUBHLTH 787 Applied Practice Experience Seminar
    1 credit
  • PUBLHLTH 790 Social Justice and Public Health: Tools and Models
    2 credits
  • PUBLHLTH 777 Clinical Medicine and Public Health
    2 credits (counts toward MPH Leadership requirement)

14 total credits

  • PUBHLTH 788 Applied Practice Experience
    6 credits

6 total credits

During MD Program

Elective credits:

  • POP HLTH 712 Integrating Medicine and Public Health
    1 credit (Phase I)
    *Fulfills MPH Leadership Requirement

    • Public Health Thread, Phase I and II (3 credits)
    • Public Heath Selective, Phase III (2 credits) – optional

 6 total credits