Public health career paths are as diverse and robust as the talented professionals who lead them. 

Determining if a career in public health is the right option for you can sometimes be a difficult task given the broad and varying possibilities that this degree can lead to. The first step in determining this is to gain an understanding of what public health is. Take a look at this brief video describing the field of public health and its impact.

Whether you want a career right here in Madison, Wisconsin, or you're hoping to work abroad, there will be a demand for public health professionals with the skills to improve and maintain the health of their communities. You can gain a better understanding of what you can do with this degree from these sources:

A master of public health (MPH) will provide you with the skills to work in any number of these positions, and can even provide additional knowledge and skills for students in one of our dual degree programs.

If find the possibility of this career path exciting, take a look at our admissions requirements, then contact the MPH Program to find answers to additional questions or to schedule a meeting with one of our staff members.