A bachelor's degree must be completed prior to beginning the University of Wisconsin-Madison Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. No more than two required prerequisite courses can be outstanding when you apply. Courses are outstanding if they do not appear for credit on an official transcript.

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite courses may be taken at any regionally accredited university or college, including two-year campuses, technical schools, and online courses. A grade of "C" or higher is required for each prerequisite course. Advanced placement credits do fulfill our prerequisites.

Required prerequisites UW-Madison courses that satisfy each requirement

General biology with lab (any biology course including a lab except botany) 

BIO 101: Animal Biology and BIO 102: Animal Biology Lab; or BIO 151: Introductory Biology with Lab; or BIOCORE Curriculum 

General chemistry with labs, two sequential courses (or one semester of general chemistry and one semester of biochemistry; or one semester of advanced/accelerated general chemistry)

CHEM 103: General Chemistry I and CHEM 104: General Chemistry II; or CHEM 109: Advanced General Chemistry
General physics with labs, two semesters PHYSICS 103, 201, or 207: General Physics and PHYSICS 104, 202, or 208: General Physics, or EMA 201: Statics and EMA 202: Dynamics

Human anatomy - Lab not required (or Anatomy and Physiology I*)

ANAT&PHY 337: Human Anatomy (formally KINES 337) or ZOO 430: Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates

Human physiology with lab (or Anatomy and Physiology II*)

ANTA&PHY 335: Physiology or ANAT&PHY 435: Fundamentals of Human Physiology (formally PHYSIOL 335 and PHYSIOL 435)

Exercise physiology 

KINES 314: Physiology of Exercise

Statistics (any course that includes ANOVA and linear regression) 

STAT 301: Introduction to Statistical Methods or any statistics course; or PSYCH 210: Basic Statistics for Psychology (this course does not qualify as a psychology prerequisite)

Psychology and/or human development (not motor development): six credits (courses do not need to be taken in a psychology department) 

No particular courses are required. Recommended courses are: PSYCH 201 or 202: Introduction to Psychology, PSYCH 405: Abnormal Psychology, ED PSYCH 320: Human Development in Infancy & Childhood, ED PSYCH 321: Human Development in Adolescence, ED PSYCH 331: Human Development: Childhood & Adolescence, HDFS 362: Development of the Young Child, and HDFS 363: Development from Adolescence to Old Age. (NOT KINES 360: Lifespan Motor Development.) There is NO preference for admission if these or other courses are taken.

 * Completion of Anatomy and Physiology I and II will fulfill our human anatomy and human physiology requirements.

Course equivalence

Our curriculum is based on all students having similar knowledge in all the prerequisite courses. Students completing prerequisite courses at other institutions need to take courses that have similar names to UW-Madison courses; however these courses do not have to transfer to UW-Madison for credit. If you question a course's equivalence, please email the course description to the program's admissions advisor.