DPT Cost of Study

Tuition is subject to change without notice; information can be found at the Bursar’s Office site (choose Health Professions as the program).

Information about residency status for tuition purposes may be obtained from the Registrar website.

Tuition and Fees for 2023-24

* Segregated Fees are assessed, in addition to tuition, each semester for student services, activities, programs, and facilities that support the mission of the University of WI institutions, including UW-Madison.

Tuition does not increase if independent study credits or additional courses are taken.

Additional Expenses (Excluding Housing and Transportation)

  • Health Insurance: Students are required to be protected by health insurance that meets the recommended standards established by the School of Medicine and Public Health. If not covered by parents, spouse or partner, SHIP insurance cost is approximately $3,240 annually for single coverage (domestic students).
  • Books: Book costs are approximately $75-$225 for each of the first 7 semesters.  The Program will purchase one copy of each text to be kept in the student room. If a book is lost, it will not be replaced.
  • Computer: Students are expected to have laptops; Android or iPad tablets are not supported as a primary device. The laptop model must meet or exceed minimum specifications recommended by the School of Medicine and Public Health.
  • Professional organization membership: Membership to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is required ($95/year), which includes Wisconsin Chapter membership, The Guide to PT Practice and attendance at Legislative Day, which is part of our curriculum.
  • Background check: Students are required to obtain a background check through our Program which includes: Pre-Admission ($42) and Wisconsin Caregiver ($22) background checks, and mandatory drug screenings ($29) initiated in Exxat and completed through Universal.
  • EXXAT Compliance: The DPT program contracts with Exxat to verify and store compliance documents and to confirm that privacy and protection requirements are met. There is a student fee associated with Exxat. Students are required to pay a $25 annual fee to Exxat for tracking and approving their required compliance documents, for a total of $75 throughout their time in the DPT program.
  • Basic Life Support training: Prior to the first clinical, students must have a current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR for health care professionals) certificate. The appropriate CPR course is offered at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and by our faculty associated with University Health Services (~$65).
  • Document fee: Students are assessed a $65 one-time document fee on their first semester tuition bill.
  • Costs for Clinical Experiences: All costs for living expenses and transportation during clinical experiences and internships are the responsibility of the student. Additional requirements (i.e., specific background checks, facility onboarding processes and drug screens) may be necessary and vary in price.
  • Immunizations and Titers: Students are responsible for documentation indicating proof of immunity to infectious diseases, including Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Hepatitis B, and Covid 19.  Payment may be required to have titers drawn.  An annual flu vaccination and TB test is also required.

Cost of Living and Housing

Living costs vary widely depending on personal preferences and needs.

For on-campus housing, contact the Division of University Housing. For off-campus housing, contact the Campus Area Housing Listing Service.

Financial Aid Services

All program matters regarding financial aid are handled through the UW–Madison’s Office of Student Financial Services. This website is comprehensive and links viewers to costs, debt management counseling, scholarships, short and long-term loans, employment on and off-campus, and grants. This web site also contains the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), tuition payment information, a student award guide, forms to download, loan entrance counseling, related web sites, and financial aid for returning students. Financial assistance from sources external to the institution can be found using the “Financial Aid Related Web Sites” menu choice, which provides information about external grants.


Program scholarships are posted at the beginning of each spring semester and recipients are announced before the end of the semester. Typically, the highest scholarship amount is $2500. Students are also made aware of state and national association loans and/or scholarships, and other scholarship opportunities.