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Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality Health Disparities Report details gaps


A new landmark study released September 19, 2019 by the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) and supported by the Wisconsin Partnership Program, provides a unique set of data, not available elsewhere, that sheds light on how ...

UW-Madison cancer research conference focuses on targeted radionuclide therapy


University of Wisconsin-Madison is hosting a national conference on targeted radionuclide therapy (TRT), a promising new technology that combines cytotoxic radioisotopes with molecularly targeted agents to produce an anti-cancer therapy capable of...

Michael Abernethy named to Air Ambulance and Patient Billing Advisory Committee


Michael Abernethy, MD, has been named to a new federal Air Ambulance and Patient Billing (AAPB) Advisory Committee.

Thomas 'Rock' Mackie receives gold medal from American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)


Dr. Thomas “Rock” Mackie, of the UW Carbone Cancer Center, will receive the Gold Medal Award for his contributions to cancer treatment from the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), the world’s premier radiation oncolo...

Wisconsin Partnership Program welcomes Jennifer Stegall to the Oversight and Advisory Committee


The Wisconsin Partnership Program is pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance, Mark Afable, has appointed Jennifer Stegall to the Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC).

Media advisory: equity in correctional health care


People who are incarcerated have unique and often complex healthcare needs. In an event hosted by Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development, attendees will hear from experts about their careers and experiences within the correctional health...

Wisconsin Partnership Program seeks 2019 New Investigator Program grant applicants


The Wisconsin Partnership Program invites eligible faculty to submit a preliminary application for a New Investigator Program grant. Awards are up to $150,000 over two years.

'Clamp' regulates message transfer between mammal neurons


A fundamental question in nerve biology brings to mind a race car at the starting line: The engine is revving, but the brake is on. The system is ready to go, but under tight control.

Wisconsin Partnership Program Seeks Oversight and Advisory Committee Member


The Wisconsin Partnership Program at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health is seeking nominations to fill a public member vacancy in the category of “community health advocate” on the Oversight and Advisory Committee.

Elizabeth Nugent named chief clinical research officer


Elizabeth “Betsy” Nugent, MSPH, CCRP, will become the inaugural Director of Clinical Trials Development and Accreditation/Chief Clinical Research Officer, effective September 3. Nugent is charged with leading the establishment of the S...

Electronic records pin broad set of health risks on genetic premutation


It was long believed the FMR1 premutation — an excessive number of trinucleotide repeats in the FMR1 gene — had no direct effect on the people who carry it. Until recently, the only recognized effect on the carriers of the flawed gene was the risk...

After heart attack, former Badgers wide receiver J.C. Dawkins focuses on spreading healthy habits


Wisconsin Badger, Rose Bowl champion, football coach, husband, father, mentor, friend — and heart attack survivor. J.C. Dawkins has held many titles throughout his football career and life, but the one he least expected — heart attack survivor — i...

Single protein plays important dual shipping role in the brain


Just as a packaging breakdown can hamstring delivery of cables, switches and connectors to a house under construction, removing a protein from neurons can block the “shipment” of proteins to developing axons.

Changing a single molecule in the brain can alleviate anxiety


A new study shows, for the first time in primates, that altering one particular molecule in a specific brain region can change “dispositional anxiety,” the tendency to perceive many situations as threatening. The finding provides hope ...

Q&A with new Clinical Continuing Education Director Marcia Slattery


Marcia Slattery, M.D., MHSc, professor of psychiatry and pediatrics in the School of Medicine and Public Health, was recently appointed Clinical Continuing Education Director in the Office of Continuing Professional Development in Medicine and Pub...
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