You have from June 1 to August 31 to bike the equivalent distance of the state of Wisconsin (296 miles east to west). While you ride, you’re encouraged to track your progress using Under Armour’s MapMyRide app or any other tracking tool of your choice. 

If you choose to use the MapMyRide app, please feel free to search and invite Bike the State 2018 to share and receive new routes and updates from us and other participants. Every few weeks over the course of the event, we aim to provide updates showcasing current rider stats, student features and other relevant news. Updates can be found under the updates section of this website or through the MapMyRide app. Additionally, we encourage riders to post on social media using the hashtag #bikethestate in order to help us promote our message and add to the wellness community!

Be safe, wear a helmet and have fun! We thank you for your interest in participating in Bike the State!

Download the MapMyRide app

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