The planned theme for the 2020 Bioethics Symposium was "Valuing Health, Addressing Inequality." The symposium honors UW–Madison Bioethicist Dan Hausman.

We had hoped to spend time together as a community, focusing on education and discussion on the bioethical issues involved in valuing health outcomes, measuring health disparities, and morally evaluating health inequalities.

The symposium is presented by the Department of Medical History and Bioethics and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. 

Event details
Canceled due to COVID-19

We look forward to seeing you in 2021, where we will make every effort to replicate the symposium we had intended to present in April. 

  • Date: Thursday, April 16
  • Time: 1-5:30 p.m.
  • Location: Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC), Room 1306
  • Can't attend? A live stream will be available.

The 2020 Symposium was to feature talks by:

  • Yukiko Asada, PhD, associate professor, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, Dalhousie University
  • Andrew Shroeder, PhD, associate professor of philosophy, Claremont McKenna College
  • Emmanuela Gakidou, MSc, PhD, professor, Health Metrics Sciences, University of Washington
  • Paul Kelleher, PhD, associate professor, Department of Medical History and Bioethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin–Madison

A panel of local experts was to present and discuss their efforts to address health disparities and promote health equity in Wisconsin and beyond. Featured panelists to include:

  • Sheri Johnson, PhD, director, UW Population Health Institute, and acting director of County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
  • Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi, PhD, RN, assistant professor, UW–Madison School of Nursing
  • Robin Lankton, MPH CHES, director of Population Health for UW Health, and President-elect of the Wisconsin Public Health Association

The panel was to be moderated by Lawrence Brown, PhD, director of County Health Rankings and Roadmaps.