Kip Ludwig
Science & Technology
May 22, 2024

Q&A: Kip Ludwig on bioelectronic medicine

By hacking the nervous system with minimally invasive, super-precise techniques, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery Kip Ludwig and his team are creating new treatments to relieve pain and restore function for those suffering from diseases and conditions as diverse as migraine, hypertension and cancer. This field of study is called neuromodulation, and its advances may render orally administered drugs obsolete.

August 14, 2019

Q&A: Marcia Slattery on Clinical Continuing Education

Marcia Slattery, M.D., MHSc, professor of psychiatry and pediatrics in the School of Medicine and Public Health, was recently appointed Clinical Continuing Education Director in the Office of Continuing Professional Development in Medicine and Public Health (OCPD). In this role, Dr. Slattery will serve as a champion for accredited interprofessional continuing education, providing physician leadership and clinical consultation for OCPD.

Health & Wellness
September 22, 2017

Q&A: Paul Harari on radiation oncology

Dr. Paul Harari begins his term as president of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) at the group’s annual meeting in San Diego Sept. 24-28.