Paul Sondel
Science & Technology
December 7, 2016

Alumni profile: Paul Sondel, MD, PhD ’75

Years of hard work are sandwiched between where Paul Sondel, MD, PhD ’75, is today and his humble beginnings in the medical field – washing test tubes.

Aly Wolf
Science & Technology
April 22, 2016

Aly Wolff’s dream lives on with new clinical trial

Aly Wolff died of neuroendocrine cancer on April 22, 2013, however her courageous battle continues. Today, three years later, a new clinical trial at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center has been approved and holds great promise in offering a new line of treatment for those with neuroendocrine tumors.

Science & Technology
June 29, 2015

Study: Cost, lack of insurance coverage are primary predictors of poor oral health

One in five adults in Wisconsin is not receiving needed oral-health care and an estimated 15 percent have cavities.