An elementary school student working on a laptop
Science & Technology
October 19, 2021

Pediatric research study aims to get medically complex K-12 students back to school safely

The last 18 months have been a struggle for 6-year-old Cade Moureau and his family.

runner injury
Science & Technology
August 27, 2021

UW researchers to study risk factors for injury in high school runners

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health are teaming up with more than 20 high schools across Wisconsin this fall to study how certain risk factors contribute to running-related injuries in high school cross country runners.

A vile of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine
Science & Technology
August 12, 2021

UW selected as site for Moderna COVID-19 vaccine pediatric clinical trial

Aug. 16, 2021 update: Thanks to overwhelming interest from our community, UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health have already met the recruitment objectives for Moderna’s pediatric COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. If your child is selected to be part of the trial, you will be contacted directly. Advancements in science, public health, and clinical care often cannot happen without a supportive and engaged citizenry, and we greatly appreciate this community’s ongoing efforts to help end this pandemic.

A professional speaking in an interview
Science & Technology
July 27, 2021

UW shows strong presence at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

The world’s largest and most prestigious Alzheimer’s disease conference is underway this week, and UW Alzheimer’s disease researchers are attending in high numbers, leading several important discussions.

A lab worker growing cells to treat blood diseases
Science & Technology
May 27, 2021

UW begins new clinical trial to treat fatal blood diseases in children, young adults

A clinical trial has launched at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health to test the safety of a new type of stem cell transplantation to treat a variety of deadly blood disorders in children and young adults.

Science & Technology
May 20, 2021

Patient with rare cancer uses telehealth to access clinical trial

Today is National Clinical Trials Day, and UW Health wants to celebrate the researchers, nurses, physicians and experts in the lab who make clinical trials available and impactful for our patients and community. UW Health officials also say virtual consultations have been vital to expanding access to clinical trials for Wisconsin residents, especially during the pandemic.

Science & Technology
May 5, 2021

UW to lead national research on pediatric asthma in low-income urban areas

The UW School of Medicine and Public Health has been selected as the national leadership center for a new clinical research network that will conduct pediatric asthma research in low-income urban settings around the country.

Metabolic switch
Science & Technology
April 16, 2021

Metabolic switch may regenerate heart muscle following heart attack

New research from the University of Wisconsin–Madison finds that a new therapeutic approach for heart failure could help restore cardiac function by regenerating heart muscle.

A map of Wisconsin displaying areas highlighted either a shade of blue or red
Science & Technology
April 16, 2021

Alzheimer’s study finds link between living in disadvantaged neighborhoods and brain shrinkage, declining brain function

In a newly published study, researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health report finding a correlation between living in neighborhoods with the fewest social and economic advantages and experiencing changes in brain structure and function that are characteristic of Alzheimer’s diseases and related dementias.

A professional in an interview
Science & Technology
April 9, 2021

New UW study examines immune response to COVID-19 vaccine in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

A new study at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is looking at the immune response to COVID-19 vaccines in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Enrollment is open now for patients who fit the criteria.

A swab and other lab supplies
Science & Technology
March 30, 2021

UW COVID-19 prevention study expands enrollment to essential workers

All essential workers who cannot perform work duties remotely are now eligible to take part in a prevention research study at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The study is investigating whether commonly used oral and nasal antiseptic, in addition to masks and hand hygiene, can help prevent COVID-19 infections. These workers include police officers, firefighters, daycare workers, grocery store workers, retail employees, restaurant staff, mail carriers and bus drivers, etc.

Science & Technology
February 18, 2021

Study finds analyzing DNA in urine could help detect cancer

A study published this week in Science Translational Medicine describes how urinalysis could potentially be used to detect some forms of cancer.