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Global Health Applied Practice Experience

Many students are excited to address global public health issues during their educational pursuits in the Master of Public Health (MPH) program.

Students can choose to apply for a Global Health Applied Practice Experience (APEX) through the MPH program; students are selected for this track through a competitive application process that begins shortly after the cohort is admitted to the program. Approximately five students are accepted each year and are selected based on demonstrated past global health experience, knowledge and skills. The selected MPH students are required to be at an international site for a minimum of six weeks and complete 240 hours at the international APEX placement site. The Global Health APEX will take place during the summer between the first and second year of the MPH program. Global Health APEX credits may count towards a Global Health Certificate.

Students who complete a Global Health APEX do not pay tuition for the six APEX credits; instead they pay a study abroad fee. This fee covers an administrative fee to the UW Office of International Academic Programs (IAP) Office as well as travel insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The fee is approximately $1400. Students with assistantships (TA, PA or RA positions), who are typically eligible for tuition remission, must still pay the study abroad fee. The tuition remission that comes with assistantships does not apply to the study abroad fee. The study abroad fee is only equivalent to the tuition for the APEX. Students who register for additional credits during the same summer session will be billed per the tuition fees.

Students who are not completing an MPH Global Health APEX but are interested in global health are can also complete a Global Health Certificate. Students who complete the Global Health Certificate may find additional opportunities to travel internationally beyond the MPH Global Health APEX. Students should email Dr. Ann Evensen, Global Health Certificate Program Director to ensure the opportunity will meet the requirements of both programs.

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